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As Db2 system / instance administrator, I need to retrieve the list of active databases using SQL

Coming from snapshot monitoring, the goal is to use in-memory monitoring and SQL in the least intrusive way to monitor the health of a Db2 instance and its databases. Right now, this is done by connecting to a non-tenant dummy database and running...
3 months ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Under review

event monitor tables (activity/actitivtystmt/activitymetrics) should support range partitioning

event monitor tables do not support range partitioning. In addition, you can not create expression based indexes on them. This makes them more difficult to manage and query. create event monitor wlm_activity_mon for activitieswrite to table activi...
over 3 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Add a db2pd option to monitor rollbacks

Add the abiity to monitor rollbacks via db2pd
about 5 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 1 Not under consideration

Alert user about abnormal tablespaces on standby

In a HADR configuration typically customers use db2pd -hadr on the standby to monitor the state. On the standby if there is a problem with one of the tablespaces it'll be marked invalid and future log records against the tablespace will be skipped...
over 7 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Display row stats ( rows_read, rows_written, tq_rows_sent, tq_rows_recv) for each sub-section in MON_GET_AGENT

Currently, there is no equivalent of getting row level information ( TQ_ROWS_SENT/RECV, Rows Read, Rows written ) for each agent running within a sub-section which was readily available in snap_get_subsection or db2 get snapshot for application ag...
over 3 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

lock event monitor runs under first-connection-user

lock event monitor takes authID in the database (e.g. as seen via list applications views) of:The first user that connects to the database.
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Add synopsis tables and Columnar Page Map usage to BLU explain plans.

Add synopsis tables and Columnar Page Map usage to BLU explain plans.
over 4 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Invoke the DB2 call-out scripts (COS) for ALL First Occurrence Data Collection (FODC) events

Currently the DB2 call-out scripts (COS) will not be invoked for all ALL First Occurrence Data Collection (FODC) events. For instance the only time that FODC_AppErr% events will invoke the db2cos script is when the condition happens on a sub-agent...
almost 7 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Suitable Replacement for SNAP_GET_APPL_V95

SNAP_GET_APPL_V95 got introduced with Db2 9.5 but is deprecated in actual versions/releases. MON_GET_CONNECTION is declared as the replacement for this ‘old’ procedure, but the scope of the replacement procedure is different! Thus MON_GET_CONNECTI...
7 months ago in Db2 / Monitoring 1 Future consideration

Protect against DOS when user has password expired

Hi team, recently we had open a support case TS004670019 on We had a situation with an automatic process that got it's password expired and begun failing t...
over 1 year ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Future consideration