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Performance degradation after enabling RCAC

Performance degradation and difference in behavior of access plan on stored procedure query after enabling RCAC - column masking for a column which is part of select condition. The query access plan without RCAC is scanning only the table (Table A...
almost 6 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

DB2 Audit like DB2 for z/OS in Syslog (SMF-Sätze, Type 100 und 101)

um neuen Compliance-Anforderungen begegnen zu können, sollen alle Datenbanken im laufenden BetriebSecurity- und Statistik-Informationen über Zugriffe liefern. DB2 for z/OS macht dieses über die z/OS System Management Facility (SMF-Sätze, Type ...
over 6 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

Only the instance owner ID should be able to write to the DB2 Audit log even if the write is initiated by another user.

The customer started noticing error messages in the db2diag.log similar to this:--------------------------------------2015-07-29- E10504269A1049 LEVEL: Error (OS)PID : 22610026 TID : 1 PROC : db2aud INSTANCE: DB2INST1 NODE : 000...
over 6 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

Rename a table shouldn't be restricted if the db admin doesn't have sec admin authority

After discussing this with our developers they agree that the ability to rename a table shouldn't be restricted if the db admin doesn't have sec admin authority. They agree that having the rename procedure automatically handle the recreation of RC...
over 7 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

Use encryption of user and password for client/server communication as default

Default value of the dbm cfg AUTHENTICATION parameter is SERVER. Also the jdbc/jcc driver does not encrypt the user and password values in a connection by default. Two solution options:1. change default value for dbm cfg authentication from SERVER...
over 7 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

New DB2 LUW Authentication Option

We would like a compatibility mode for SERVER_ENCRYPT authentication. It would provide a grace period for client connections before encryption is enforced via SERVER_ENCRYPT. Essentially, it would allow DB2 Clients to connect with either clear tex...
over 7 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration

New privilege for IMPORT into a restrictive database

Granting DATAACCESS authority works but is not a desirable option as the user would get access to all tables. Granting CONTROL or INSERT/SELECT, without DATAACCESS, returns SQL0551N. As a result customers are left on their own to pursue and figure...
over 7 years ago in Db2 / Security / Utilities (Export, Import, Load, db2look, etc) 0 Not under consideration

Restrict access of non system data by instance owner

We manage many database systems however as a service provider we do not want the ability to access customer data unless a customer enables this access to us. This should be set at the time of database creation and should not be something that can ...
11 months ago in Db2 / Security 0 Future consideration

Revoke on function blocked by depended objects.

The revoke on a function is being blocked due to dependent on the target object. revoke EXECUTE ON FUNCTION "xyz"."aaaaaa"(DATE) from PUBLIC SQL0478N The statement failed because one or more dependencies exist on the target object. Target object t...
about 1 year ago in Db2 / Security 0 Future consideration

Do not block DDL on RCAC-protected table if rule not affected by change

after alter add column RCAC rule must be dropped and recreated, even if new column is not part of rule IBM perspective: In our ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN documentation it says:
over 2 years ago in Db2 / Security 0 Not under consideration