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Add URL Shortener to KC Pages

If you try to properly source knowledge center or promote a feature within knowledge center (say via twitter or linked-in), you copy and paste a URL that is easily over 100+ characters long. If you lose the ability to cut/paste (say in the PDF of ...
about 3 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Add options for "recommend indexes" and "evaluate indexes" explain types to explain_from_section

When running explains from jupyter notebook, I prefer to use EXPLAIN_FROM_SECTION. However for in-depth analysis of indexes, I need the RECOMMEND INDEXES and EVALUATE INDEXES explain modes. These don't seem to exist for EXPLAIN_FROM_SECTION. This ...
over 3 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 2 Not under consideration

Tool db2batch should be able to display Number of rows affected

Often db2batch is used for tuning / benchmarking purposes and very often the number of affected rows is interesting. Command line tool. 'db2'. provides the option to display the Number of rows affected, db2 -tvmf <SQL-DML-File> $ db2 -t...
over 3 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Enhance ALTER INDEX to have MINPCTUSED option (Online)

Allow online ALTER INDEX ... MINPCTUSED %;
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Lock access plan for a query. Prevent the optimizer from changing a plan, once a "good" plan has been determined.

We see cases where a large query runs fine, and something changes the stats, which causes the optimizer to choose a really bad plan. We would like to be able to lock an individual query, and tell the optimizer: "Just use this plan".
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Please create current training material for Db2 administration

Please create basic training material for database administrators on Db2 that is easily consumable and free. A platform like EDx, Udemy, etc, would be ideal, but even on a proprietary platform would be acceptable.
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 1 Not under consideration

Incorporate Trace suspend option into Quiesce command

We want to remove the suspending of the incoming connections via db2trc command and make "quiesce command with force connections" do the same thing as db2trc is doing currently.
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Optimizer should ignore RTRIM when calculation filter factor

When the optimizer calculates the filter factor for a predicate which uses RTRIM, it just returns the default value. (0.04)It should ignore the RTRIM and use the COLCARD of the column stats instead. Refer to Case: TS001114316
about 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Change Data Capture File/Directory Permissions

iidraccess-11.4-10014-linux-x86-setup.binsetup-iidr- do not properly define directory or file permissions and/or reflect too extensive permissions. At JPMC files/directories will not pass security scans with permissions ...
over 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration

Differentiate between Read and Write IO performance (Overhead and TransferRate) and optimise accordingly

Background: Db2 is sensitive to IO performance, and compiles access plans accordingly to optimise IO versus CPU costs. At the tablespace level, average Overhead and TransferRate are configured in units of milliseconds. Issue: customers such as our...
over 4 years ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Not under consideration