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Table statistics are zero'd from sysptprof everytime it is not open or there is no sessions accessing it.

Our understanding is that tblspace profile should remain in the records as long as 'onstat -z' is not issued. Besides, we are aware of situations when table profile is reset, while several sessions are still accessing the table. Therefore, we find...
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 0 Not under consideration

Parallel index build and check is not supported on table with interval and range fragmentation.

CUSTOMER: CLEARTECH LTDA CONTACT.: Celso Cabral PRODUCT.: INFORMIX 11.70FC4X4 OS......: Red Hat Customer want to know how to if INFORMIX may use parallelism to create index using fragment by range and interval. eof--------------
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 0 Not under consideration

Request to convert classic partitioned to UTS PBR by partition

Would like to see if it could be considered to perform an alter classic partitioned tablespace and then reorg by partition instead of the entire tablespace. While I agree it may be more housekeeping, some of the tablespaces we eventually will need...
over 8 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Avoid system dump when SYSIN DD statement is missing

Customer has forgotten to put a SYSIN DD statement in an UTILITY jcl and the job is ended with messages : > > DSNU000I 08:45:14.67 - OUTPUT START FOR UTILITY, UTILID = S188328.S188 > DSNU036I 08:45:14.67 - UNABLE TO OPEN DCB FOR DDNAME SY...
over 8 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration


Further to our discussion to PMR: 05530,999,780 we had the impression that feature request idsdb00184614 it will be included in 11.7 xc8 but it looks like there is a code freeze.It is very urgent to have this feature implemented ASAP.
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 0 Not under consideration

Encrypt source code for procedure/function

There are lots of ISV out there looking for security feature where it can encrypt the source code for stored procedure and function(written in SPL).
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 0 Future consideration

Enhance package dependency quiescing/locking behavior of EXCHANGE

Enhance package dependency quiescing/locking behavior of EXCHANGE, so it will be possible to exchange base- and clone-table in parallel to (many) transactions reading one of these tables in parallel .
over 8 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Align DB2 Z support of like value expression to DB2 LUW

DB2 Z has feature limitations with respect to supported expressions in a like predicate which DB2 LUW does not impose. This issue has impacted IBM Cognos where a user expression to be used in the predicate will not work with Z (parser errors). Ali...
over 8 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

SQLTable() does not like escape sequences in catalog name parameter

My application uses the IBM Informix ODBC driver.Issue with respect to ODBC call SQLTables.As per ODBC specifications for SQLTables, the catalogname can have escape sequences ('\').Say I have a database: db_en. In my call to SQLTables,char dbname[...
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Client Products 0 Not under consideration

The function LENGTH () also for BLOBs / CLOBs

Unfortunately, there is no SQL statement that returns the size of the blob. You have to use an external program to get such information. I wish the sql function length() worked for BLOBs/CLOBs.
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 3 Future consideration