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Platform Features

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Add Monitor Capability to Scheduler

Currently there is no ability to automate the monitoring of scheduled jobs. Each morning one must open each job individually to see if the job execution was successful. Most job schedulers have an alert feature if the job failed, and in OpenPages ...
10 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 3 Future consideration

Only single space should not be consider as character in Action comment in Workflow

When Action comment is mandatory, system is considering "space" as character. It means I can just give space and submit my request.There should be some enforcement to enter something other than space.
11 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 3 Is a defect

Disable refresh every time you change tabs

Every time we change tabs, the application reloads the page. This makes work more time consuming because it takes time to reload. We want the refresh to be disabled, the user decides whether to reload the page.
over 1 year ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Future consideration

Workflow bulk termination and restart enhancements

In developing GRC workflows, it's apparent that if we publish a workflow version and users begin to use it, and then we publish a newer version of the workflow later on, the users are expecting to see the newer version reflected in their existing ...
about 1 year ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Future consideration

Auditing actions of individual users

Our audit team requires the logs of what each individual user views or changes in the Openpages Operational risk management application so that we can log which user views or changes critical information on the system. For example, when a user en...
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 5 Not under consideration

Warning and/or Summary before deleting an object with multiple associations

A warning message for users would be helpful for example in a scenario when someone is trying to a "Common Control" that is linked to multiple Sub-processes via multiple Risks. Also, a summary of number and type of objects that will be deleted / o...
almost 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Future consideration

OpenPages kerberose support

OpenPages is in production in Morgan Stanley, while Kerberos support is a must have feature, right now it's running with security exception without Kerberos support, but the production is flagged for not supporting Kerberos. As multiple middleware...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Not under consideration

Ability to group conditions when creating Field Dependencies in OpenPages

Setting up Field Dependencies in an object is probably the most ideal way of controlling the behavior of the screens based on user inputs. However, in the latest version of OpenPages (7.3), the ability to group conditions is still not possible whi...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Not under consideration

Support of IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager

The RFE would enable OpenPages GRC Platform to store documents/files via 'storage connector' or CMIS to IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager.IBM FileNet P8 encrypts the documents/files.
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Not under consideration

URL type field should have ability to enter multiple links or Hypertext Links in the Text fields should showcase as URL's.

In the URL type field, currently we have ability to only add only one Http URL link. Our business requires the ability to add multiple links. When we tried to use Text fields(Text Box or Text Area) , the links are just displaying as normal strings...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Future consideration