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Two Design Flaws in Run Limit Reporting in RTM

Currently in RTM, there two design gaps in the RunLimit features. They are: 1) No way to exclude queues such as 'short' 2) Emails are sent one at a time, which in our case results in 77k emails sent randomly. It would be better to 'consolidate' Em...
10 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

Horizontal Scroll On/Off Default User Cfg

Horizontal Scroll On/Off Default User CfgREF PMR -- TS004718748 New option to enable/disable Horizontal scroll bar Currently defaults to OFF -- No Scroll barThis differs from our current installed usageInstalling FP11 would BREAK all users and for...
over 1 year ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 1 Not under consideration

Graphing of Application Profile based limits in RTM

Application charts in RTM today do not display application limits. With new version of LSF 10.1.10, the lsb.application will allow putting limits on an application. We would want to track these limits as we are using same set of queues for multipl...
over 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 1 Not under consideration

to include database description in LSF RTM documentations

Hello Team , Currently we do not have an description regarding various tables that we've in cacti rtm table, it would be of great help if we have official definition of all the fields/ column table of database for custom data analysis and troubles...
about 3 years ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Not under consideration

Move away from having to set job_end_logged on every gridjobs and gridpend poller runs

The setting of job_end_logged to 0 every polling cycle can add as much as 100 seconds to every gridjobs or gridpend run. If instead, the poller were to capture the following SELECT MAX(last_updated) FROM grid_jobs* WHERE clusterid = ? Then, sinc...
6 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

Provide "bkill -C 'some comment' jobid" Comment Message in RTM's grid_jobs and grid_jobs_finished tables

We will be doing automated killing of workload in 2022, and now that LSF provides the 'bkill -C' option, we would like that Kill message to be stored in RTM for auditing the reasons why jobs were killed by automation.
7 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

Based upon the data collected from the 'gridperf' binary, keep a table of events type type 'mbdreconfig' & 'mbdrestart' and present in RTM

This is important as we don't often time capture a restart or a reconfig, it could even be as a result of a binary that is segfaulting and being restarted by LIM. It would be nice to be able to track these similar to the table below: MariaDB [cac...
7 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

RTM's gridparams binary misses many 'bparams -l -a' options

It's important for cross cluster auditing that the RTM system includes all 'bparams -l -a' output. Today, there are several of these options that are not captured making the auditing of cluster configuration via RTM incomplete. Having written the...
7 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration