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Datastage supporting generic API's to an external security provider

Background:GDPR is bringing an eminent need to safely secure sensitive (customer-) data. This is bringing new requirements to the tools that have access to this data. DataStage, due to the functional nature of the tool, is requiring extremely high...
almost 4 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Utility for multiple job compile at server level in DataStage

Hi Team, I'm looking for a Utility at server level for multiple job compile. I want to know whether DataStage have any utility for mutilple job compile at server level? I know that we have dscc.exe at client level to perform compilation! I want th...
over 5 years ago in DataStage 0 Functionality already exists

APIs for extracting some info from XMETA

We are currently using ETL jobs to read ETL execution logs(from DSODB) and ETL job modification details(from XMETA). This details are very important for auditing. In the CDP version, can you please include some APIs to get this information extracted.
10 months ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Enable RCP Support in Data Masking Stage

Request to enable runtime column propagation in the data masking stage. Currently the stage has the check box available on the output link however any columns passed through at runtime that are not specified at design time are automatically droppe...
almost 4 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

IBM Flow designer 11.7.1 - GIT functionality to check-in to GIT repository

We are using IBM Flow designer 11.7.1. We have configured a connnection to a git server and tried pushing/checking in a job to git and have also checked the option to include the .isx files and dependent objects. The commit works. However, we can ...
over 1 year ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Support InfoSphere DataStage 11.3 on Windows 10

Bank of Canada is planning to upgrade all Windows platform to Windows 10 by the end of year. The DataStage client tools currently are not supported on Windows 10. This limitation will have impact to the Windows upgrade project.
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Functionality already exists

Making Datastage Checksum stage more flexible with ability to pick column separators, at the moments its pipe by default

We want the datastage checksum stage to have the flexibility to chose the column delimiter(or keep it blank), when we want to generate md5sum by concatenating multiple source columns. right now the stage by default uses pipe | as a filed delimiter...
almost 5 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Add a link ordering option to DataStage Sequence Activities

In several DataStage stages there is a link ordering option (e.g. Transformer or Join Stage), this is not the case for DataStage Sequence Activities. If a sequence has multiple output links, then the order of these can only be changed by deattachi...
over 3 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Enable the setting of stage parameter defaults on project or server level

It would be nice, if it would be possible to set the default values of stage Parameters on project or server level. Some stage parameter defaults like SORT Stage: Stable sort=TRUE or AGGREGATOR Stage:Method=Hash are rarely used and in ...
over 3 years ago in DataStage 0 Planned for future release

Please unify the TLS version when creating a JDBC connection to the DB.

The version of TLS allowed when creating a connection in the control plane of CPD and when creating a connection in Flow Designer is different. * Customers who have problems this time are using postgreSQL. Connection in CPD control plane: TLS ...
almost 2 years ago in DataStage 1 Functionality already exists