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Planning Analytics

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Lockable/Static Visualizations

A client/end user requests the functionality of lockable/static visualizations in PA Workspace:Specific Users/Groups should not be able to change the 'settings'/properties/selected sets of given visualizations in dashboards or reports.
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Elements with just one hidden parent show up as Orphans( trashing UI selection)

Elements that roll up into Hierarchies that the users have no access are being displayed as orphans and (even though they are not) This seem to be due to the fact that some parents of the elements are hidden via security and other parents are not....
over 5 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Enable Rule Validation before Save in PAW Rule Editor

When writing rules in the PAW Rule Editor, there are times when a Save returns errors even though the rule syntax is correct. The only way to confirm the rule is correct is to Save again. When the elapsed time to save a rule is large, (e.g. > 1...
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Need capability to administer Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) remotely

Most large corporations do not allow PAW Administrator admin rights to PAW servers in production. Therefore PAW Administrator would like to have the capability to administer PAW environment remotely like taking pAW backup
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

shortcut to expand/collapse regions in PAW rules sheet

PAW rules sheets allow grouping or rules via #Region #EndRegion by default all regions are expanded when a rule sheet is being loaded and require to be collapsed manually, which can be time consuming; provide short cuts to collapse/exp...
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Planned for future release

Workspace: Dimension selector Auto Size Row-Column

Whenever you change the selector on workspace, the width of the cube is only maintained after it’s adjusted once (per element). Otherwise, if the selection is new, it will have the default width, regardless of the text size in the cells.
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Future consideration

Allow sorting of dimension by values of one or more attributes

Dimension member sorting is fairly limited right now. Sorting by name or input. This makes it hard to display members in a certain order, for example in filters.
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

ODBC link to progress

Our finance system uses a progress database. I have been told that this cannot be linked to TM1/PAW. This means we have to use spreadsheets to get data from the finance system into PAW.
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Functionality already exists

Custom user settings in Planning Analytics Workspace

It is very difficult to manage user settings per user in Planning Analytics Workspace. It would be better to set up regular user groups with specific access to selected functionality as it is in Cognos Analytics. We need better group-level adaptab...
almost 3 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Allow Alternate hierarchies to align at leaf level

I have a default hierarchy - Type Facility (i.e., Type of Facility). It has levels: All-> Type facility -> Facility. Type Facility is a concatenation of several attributes that identify the facility: Facility Type - Facility Subtype - Area -...
almost 3 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration