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Support multiple outputs for multiple intents.

Right now if I send multiple intents Watson returns only one intent related response. It ignores second intent.Example: Customer: I want to buy product1. I want to register product2. Bot: You can buy product1 from this link. As you can see it's ig...
over 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Future consideration

Add an email based notification for Human Annotators, Project Managers for task assignments, submitted/rejected/accepted annotations etc.

This was a client question during a WKS Learn workshop. They wanted WKS to send a email notification to HAs, PMs when tasks were assigned, submitted for review and accepted/rejected. They would also like an opt-in/out feature for such notifica...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Move the delete button further away from the export button.

The blue popup bar that becomes visible when you click an entity or intent checkbox should have the delete button positioned a bit further away from the export button. I can imagine a situation where someone who is doing a quick 'select all' expor...
over 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Improve Navigation to guide user through linear workflow

There is a clear sequential workflow to annotation, but some of the steps are buried in sub-menus in a completely non-intuitive way. The interface should guide the user through all of the sequential steps intuitively.
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

DB2 Connector Stage - Truncate options

DB2 Connector stage - Truncate does not have options available to add to the Truncate command
over 4 years ago in Connectivity 0 Functionality already exists

Re-add keyword sentiment to the tooling

I've had two client situations where the classifying keywords by their sentiment in the WDS tooling would be relevant. One was for an ES Learn where the client wanted to see the keywords with negative sentiment in Amazon reviews and although we ar...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

WKS not provide perfect sentences

(QA ticket CS0013799 Created) There are cases where WKS's Japanese sentence recognition is incorrect. In Japanese, there are cases where () is included in long sentences. When "。" Is described in this (), WKS considers that the sentence is...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Provide Launch option from Dashboard

Currently I need to choose discovery instance from dashboard, then click on launch option from instance page to navigate to discovery tool. I can navigate service page when I need to manage credentials, connections or plan. We can provide launch o...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Not under consideration

Indisponibilidade Datastage 9.1.2 momentânea e inesperada

Indisponibilidade na camada engine(Datastage engine, sem motivos aparentes, efetuamos o start do produto sem problemas.Não encontramos log que evidenciasse o porque do stop do componente engine.Onde nós localizamos a log que referência...
over 4 years ago in DataStage 1 Not under consideration

truncate fail for lines with "à" character

We like to truncate to 25 character dats in a field to avoid rejected line due to field size in the destination field. Truncate to 25 characters fails when a "à" character is in the filed : it truncate to 27 characters... Why is it trucate to 27 ...
over 4 years ago in DataStage 1 Not under consideration