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Spectrum Symphony

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Dynamic SSM Resource Group History Files to SFS

Dynamic SSM resource groups work well in Symphony 7 but for one issue. By definition a dynamic resource group does not contain management hosts but consists of regular compute hosts. These hosts do not know of the shared file system where session ...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 3 Not under consideration

[Workload Scheduling Policy][WellsFargo]Task redundant scheduling on timeout

Please advise how to implement the following functions: 1, have task timeout for 500 seconds. 2, if a task run more than 500 seconds, reschedule the task on a new engine, but in the mean time, keep the original task running 3, for the original tas...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 5 Not under consideration

[Resource Management Policy][WellsFargo][RFE]Support transparent master fail-over

Currently, if primary master fails, symphony will fail-over onto secondary master. During this fail-over process, all of new clients/request will fail. This request is to ask for the "seamless failover", new clients should wait for new master.
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 4 Not under consideration

[Workload Monitoring and Management] Automatic session type removal when removing service

When calling soam wsdl api sdRegisterAppUpdate with a fragment that has operation="Remove", it should be permitted to submit a fragment that specifies service name, but not session type name(s). In this case, all session types that reference the s...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 3 Not under consideration

[Cluster Management] Add RFC2131: enable soamdeploy flat directory structure on Symphony 5.1

The RFC2131 feature implemented in SYM 4.1 was not taken into SYM 5.1 or versions afterwards caused by lacking of usage feedback a few years back [IBM contact person: Jun Zhu (], we need this feature for Symphony 5.1, as some lea...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 5.1 3 Not under consideration

A new environment variable is needed at client side to point the DDT working directory to a local disk

In current release, DDT work directory is controlled by SOAM_HOME ( under SOAM_HOME/work/datamanager/host:port). The customer wants an additional parameter to control DDT work directory explicitly and separate it from SOAM_HOME environmental varia...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 2 Not under consideration

[Resource Management Policy] Increase maximum number of hosts per cluster

Hello, Due to a massive desktop scavenging usage, some clusters cannot growth because of the maximum supported amount of nodes that may join a cluster (5000 max). Is it possible to increase the maximum number of nodes per cluster ? It is important...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 3 Not under consideration

[IOP/PSMR/YARN] Request Symphony SMC to support MR Spark and ASC application

PICC will leverage SMC to enable resource sharing across multiple site, current SMC feature is not fully satisfied, include:1. So far Symphony SMC only support SOA workload, customer request to support MapReduce, Spark Conductor and ASC workload (...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Future Version 3 Not under consideration

percentage support for numOfSlotsForPreloadedServices

currently, numOfSlotsForPreloadedServices only support an absolute slots number, in the case of different resource plan, it is very hard to predict how many slots I will have available. Thus, a percentage is preferred. E.g., I'd like to prestart 5...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 3 Not under consideration

[Security and Access Control] Multi-head - LSF submission user needs to have access to symphony GUI and view/control own jobs

LSF job submission user can use CLI to view/control own jobs, they need to have the same functionality to view/control own jobs from GUI.The currently RBAC does not meeting this requirement.
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Future Version 3 Not under consideration