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Master Data Management

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Potential glue tasks Resolution

To resolve Glue Tasks using Inspector when an Entity has multiple Glue Tasks, the tasks must be resolved one-by-one and then the entities can be merged. This means that a job which should take 1 minute requires 5 to 10 minutes of a steward's time....
over 4 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

TAIL Logging Customization In MDM AE- Case TS000044672

The issue occurs during tail logging when a requester is part of multiple userRoles. We have multiple userRoles in DWLControl to which user is associated and the RoV rules are applied on those groups. There are some users (super users) who are par...
over 4 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Make 'highlight same' always ON. Currently makes user select highlight buttons every time a task is opened.

In MDM Inspector when opening a task for resolution, we would like to be able to default the "hightlight same" button as always on.
about 5 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Implement compression of REST request and reply data

We're using the REST interface. But sometimes we get a lot of data back. E.g. when we retreive a contract with a high inquiry level. Sending this data can be speed up by using gzip (or an other format) as a lot of REST API's already do.
over 5 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

Use extension and subsitutionGroups in XSD

The MDM data model has you extend entities and the implementation of extensions is done via extending the Java classes. For instance if you extend the Person entity then your generated extension class extends "TCRMPersonBObj", however the Java ext...
over 5 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

MDM v12 Browser Support for Microsoft Edge

Hi Support, This is Mark from Accenture, i work in behalf of our client IHIS here in Singapore. Our client primarily uses Microsoft products, and they're asking if there are any plans to support Microsoft Edge. Please advise
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 6 Not under consideration

Add capability to disable content sniffing in MDM Web Applications (Inspector, Web Report, Enterprise Viewer)

MDM v11.6.0.11 provides Inspector, Web Report and Enterprise Viewer which are running on WAS v9.0.5.4. There is no way in MDM Web Applications to set 'X-Content-Type-Options' HTTP header with the value nosniff. This can make the web applications v...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 2 Planned for future release

Chrome and Edge Compatibility for Inspector

Our organization would like to sunset Internet Explorer and move to Chrome or Edge.
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 3 Functionality already exists

MDM Beta: Overview screen Matching Setup thinks you still need to setup data and model but it is already published.

If you never have run matching before but you have already published data and a model. The overview screen says on the bottom half that you still need to setup data and a model. There is no link on the next step so it took me a while to figure out...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 0 Is a defect

Request for addition of Group Processing Functionality in Virtual MDM at

We had discussed in past on the availability of group processing functionality and IBM MDM Advocate: Effy Wu confirmed that this functionality no longer exist in MDM version11.6.0.11. We would like to get IBM's recommendations on the alternative ...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 3 Planned for future release