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Db2 for z/OS

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Improvements in online DDL changes - DBD design

Our company uses DB2 zOS almost exclusively for dynamic SQL workloads. Our management expects that DB2 zOS also has high availability regarding DDL changes in this application szenario. If you intend to perform DDL changes in this environment duri...
over 2 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 9 Future consideration

Add more granularity to commands -START PROFILE and -STOP PROFILE

Summary: Enable a new keyword PROFILEID(list-of-profile-IDs) for the -START PROFILE and -STOP PROFILE commands.----Currently, the activation of profiles can be performed by a -START PROFILE command, which in turn activates all profiles that have S...
almost 4 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Provide better instrumentation for contention between DDL and statement cache

When attempting to execute DDL, it is very difficult to determine what the in-use is, and what in the cache is holding the resource. There needs to be better instrumentation to determine what is blocking successful DDL.
over 7 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Compress statement text before insert in Dynamic Statement Cache

GGDB212006 'Compress' statement text of dynamic SQL statements by removing all unnecessary blanks before inserting in DSC. As a consequence statements have to be 'compressed' before comparing it to statements in DSC
almost 10 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Future consideration

Break-In for Mass-delete

Enhance the break-in-process so that it also applies for mass deletes and that these deletes can break in into PWFI-transactions bound with RELEASE(DEALLOCATE).
over 7 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 2 Not under consideration

Provide partition load for multiple partitions

GGDB212007 Provide a parameter for a partition range and/or partition listing like reorg utility does, e.g. -> PART (18:20, 22, 25)
almost 10 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 2 Not under consideration

DB2 accounting SMF101 with reporting class

The absence of report class in DB2 SMF record 101 is cumbersome for capacity management. Report Class is used for workload reporting and accounting. To match SMF 72 (values by report class) with SMF 101 (values by thread, i.e. for userid and other...
over 10 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Lock escalation on HISTORY STATISTICS catalog tables for DROP statement

add the ability for lock escalation on the catalog tables which contains the HISTORICAL STATISTISCs data (SYSIBM.SYS...HIST)
over 10 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Improving Insert Performance for LOBs

As mentioned in Case TS004024647 there are some situations where inserts in lob structures do not provide the expected performance. Instead they cause massive CPU consumption in the Coupling Facility for the spacemap search. The problem is excessi...
almost 2 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Changing partitioning key columns

Most of our tables that are created before DB2 V8 (and even some created later than that) uses the primary key as the partitioning key. The resulting partitioning key therefore consists of many columns, but the significant columns for partitioning...
almost 10 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Future consideration