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Information Server - Platform

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Possibility of integrating multiple GitHub repositories with DataStage Flow Designer v11.7.x in the same InfoSphere Information server environment

Hi IBM Support, We reported below issue to IBM PMR Support via TS004318080 and the PMR support team suggested to raise an enhancement request. Details below : We have recently started using InfoSphere DataStage platform and we have succes...
over 1 year ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration

the option to integrate Cisco jabber solution with maas360

we want integrate Cisco Jabber solution on MaaS360 MDM, if possible, we can run Cisco jabber like outlook email and can wipe out the chat history when employee off board. it will prevent disclosure of sensitive info.
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Azure Authentication for IIS DataStage Trust Association Interceptor

Information Security directive within UPS to Azure Authentication to ensure valid users. UPS has been using EAM which is no longer supported and UPS is moving to Azure. Currently users are required to sign on to a DataStage environment and provide...
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Planned for future release

Improvement in the check for high serial values

I'm trying to check if a serial value has reached its upper limit. I noticed the following unpleasant behaviour. In the sysmaster tables sysptnhdr and sysactptnhdr the currently used serial values are in three fields for the datatypes serial, seri...
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

How get a list of users authorized to work on specific project via command line

Often customer ask me for a list of users allowed to work on a specific project. I can't find a way to do this via command line , and the only way I founded is to open graphically the administrator , select that project and take a screenshot of th...
about 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Removing the dependency on OS local user credentials for installing the IBM Datastage product

Hi Team Problem Statement: We are not able to install “IBM InfoSphere Datastage v11.5” on new VSI Issue Description: We are trying to install “IBM InfoSphere Datastage v11.5” product on new Linux host & as pre-requisite we are supposed to have...
about 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 5 Functionality already exists

Need to add JCC_ENFORCE_SECMEC to the DB2AUTH for product implementation

The customer has a restricted security policy for the DB2 server which is used as the XMeta repository. DB2 Database MANAGER AUTHENTICATION = SERVER_ENCRYPT DB2AUTH = JCC_ENFORCE_SECMEC As a result of the DB2 configuration Microservice pods with m...
about 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration

Allow customization of the Launchpad Web UI

As a customer I have a few different instances of IIS Servers running in Development, Test and Production. We often use the IP or hostname in the URL for Launchpad, but these names are generic and not informative. Users often get confused as to wh...
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Allow removal of unused apps from IIS Microservices Launchpad

In some IIS installations, the IIS Microservices Launchpad shows applications that are not being used. For example, the Standardization Rules Designer is shown in installations without QualityStage. Governance Dashboard is shown in installations ...
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

Change communication from DS client to SERVER

See TS002849280. The problem in this case is that encrypted values are sent to the client. Since the client also has the key to decrypt those values, the client basically receives in plaintext the passwords that are set to connect to those dat...
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration