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Master Data Management

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Sending notifications XA (like) to Kafka

When using a JMS provider you're able to send the notification as part of the XA transaction. For Kafka this is not possible (as per Kafka implementation). Come with a solution so using Kafka for notifications is a usable option (currently not). ...
over 2 years ago in Master Data Management 3 Not under consideration

Customer specific Kafka resource

Kafka is supported by MDM, but you're not able to create and use you own Kafka resource. You now have to use one of the OOTB resources. We want to be able to split the type of data to be send to different Kafka endpoints.
over 2 years ago in Master Data Management 2 Not under consideration

Japanese Address standardization (UCSFREQADDR) stops dividing the Japanese Kanji characters

To compare the address data written in Japanese with the AXP, we should select the UCSFREQADDR for the Address standardization function. When we derive the data including the Japanese addresses, the Kanji characters in the prov and the city weren'...
over 2 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Support for IIB v11 Ace with MDM Supported Programs

Due to the high cost of IIB licensing PNC Bank is inquiring to see if IIB v11 (Ace) will fall under MDM's supported program list for the sole use with MDM only at no additional cost.
over 2 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Machine learning assisted data stewardship for AE

This is to bring similar capability from FP9 on SE to AE. The solution would present a recommendation to the Steward on how to process the clerical tasks based on past resolution history.
almost 3 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Survivorship rules for consent

There is no doubt from the many GDPR conversations we've had with clients that there will be many different approaches to survivorship of consent, both in terms of different consents received for the same individual, and in terms of survivorship w...
almost 3 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

Request for addition of Potential Overlay Task in MLDS over MDM SE

Our data stewards would like to resolve Potential Overlay tasks for real-time scenarios when one set of member attributes are duplicated by attributes of a different member within the same source system. This is most serious among data issue tasks...
almost 3 years ago in Master Data Management 4 Not under consideration

Reports MDM ADMIN Missing Users

for any user that does not belong to the "mdm admin" group. Even internal groups can see limited lists if they are not part of the "mdm admin" group. This "mdm admin" group is the one typically found in the mpi_grphead table with a grprecno 1. ...
about 3 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

MDM - Replace triggers with temporal tables

At Ford we use MDM software to manage our customer base information. MDM talks to DB2 on ZOS to retrieve customer information. MDM uses DB2 triggers to maintain history data. For large UOW transactions triggers have been a performance bottle neck ...
about 3 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

User ID and Password in SoapUI Header

Problem description and business impact : Using InfoSphere Master Data Management 11.6.0 on Redhat Linux, I observed in the SOAP WSDL interface, the Username and Password are passed in the SOAP Body instead of SOAP Header when doing a web service ...
over 3 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration