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Enable using comment lines in Transformer Derivations

When coding business logic into a transformer derivation it would be quite handy to be able to use comment lines like it is possible in SQL or any other programing language
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Implementation of Designtime Column Propagation to the DataStage Designer

Building new Jobs with DataStage ist implemented good, but amending these Jobs later can be a source of pain, especially if you have to add, delte or amend a column. It should be possible to add a new column or amend an existing one and propagate ...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Functionality already exists

DataStage Ad-hoc SQL execution support

Using IBM DataStage 11.3, I observed that DatStage does not have flexible option to execute SQL and capture its output. I understand its doable if we use ODBC/Sybase stage but I want to execute SQL during sequence activities to decide on course of...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Allow ODBC connector write to HIVE table /or File connector read HIVE table

1) ODBC connector for HIVe allows reading hive tables but doesn't work for writing hive table. It works - only very very slow and not acceptable for Big Data operation ( a few records in minutes). 1a. Additionally, If columns defined in UPPER case...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Functionality already exists

Enhancement to dsjob command to show status on multiple instance jobs

The following command does not list multiple instance jobs:dsjob -ljobs -status 0/4 EDW If I have a running or queued multiple instance the above command will not list it as running or queued. This seems like a oversite, because the Status command...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Oracle Pluggable database support during installation

Cann't install InfoSphere Information Server without direct port configuration or oracle legacy adjustments(support of SID format) on container database. The internal XMETA database cann't be configured on the pluggable database. Pluggable databas...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Oracle 12c Release 1 64 bit Client / Windows 2012R

InfoSphere Information Server on Windows2012R2 should work with Oracle 64bit client for client data sources. The 32bit Oracle client isn't supported by Oracle, somehow. Customer wants to use Windows 2012R2 because they use an Oracle RAC SUN solari...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Functionality already exists

SAP Rapid Modeler to Work with IDA 9.1.2

This is not a new feature, this is supposed to work as is packaged. I need a fix pack for SAP v7.1 to work with IDA 9.1.2. I need to be able to use the SAP Rapid Modeler that comes bundled with IDA 9.1.2 in IIS v11.5. I cannot install the SAPRapid...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Multi-Client Manager Change All Clients

When we use the multi-client manager, it only changes the classic clients (Designer, Director and Administrator). We would like it to change all clients including IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console and IBM InfoSphere Information Server Mana...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

Change behaviour of duplicate entries in Range Lookups

When using a range lookup (range selected on the main stream) when matching e.g. a key column and range of date from/to you may get more than one hit for the key but the range on the date columns will make the lookup unique, in this case you still...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration