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Planning Analytics

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Do not refresh the sheet when changing SUBNM with data changed

<As is> If we would like to update inputting data we input them at Web sheet, then click the refresh button. But we can also update by changing search criteria after inputting. The problem is that it easy to imagine that user can change sea...
over 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 6 Not under consideration

Have a full IBM supported Planning Analytics - CPLEX (Decision Optimization) API

Today TM1 / Planning analytics customers and partners who add CPLEX / decision optimization on top of PA rely on several routes: Turbointegrator tm1py An IBM contribution Another IBM contribution http...
about 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 2 Future consideration

Add server name, cube name and view name to title in PAx cube viewer

Add server name, cube name and view name to the title in the PAx cube viewer, similar to what is displayed in the Perspectives cube viewer. As of PAx v32, only the name of the view is displayed in the cube viewer. This can be confusing, if you hav...
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Planned for future release

[TM1Web] Hover on Websheet Chart to display underlying value

Many product can display the underlying value when hovering over the chart, but right now TM1Web cannot have this behaviour, a workaround is to either slice that to Excel or somehow create a supplementary report for data display, which is quite un...
almost 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 3 Functionality already exists

PAW Image local folder

When designig a PAW Book, we can insert object types "Image": to show it, we have to put an URL which addresses the Image. To do this, we need to setup a new Web Server or use an existing one (if we have...) and place all you images onto this web ...
almost 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 2 Planned for future release

Need programmatic control over synchronization

I tried to built a report in PAW which has three separate grids, showing Month, YTD and Full Year. These must be separate grids as the other things that the grids show are different. There is a selector at the top allowing the user to choose the m...
8 months ago in Planning Analytics 8

[TM1Web] Option to Export just the sheet being focused, not full workbook

Currently when performing export from TM1Web, no matter it is Snapshot to Excel or Export to PDF, full workbook got exported. But some workbook is designed to require multiple sheets in order to create the data relevancy experience, however, not e...
almost 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Enhanced Drill Thru in PAW

PAW currently displays all drill thru in a standard system style window that users can't interact with. I would like the ability to define the destination of a drill to any of : - a cube view- a web sheet- as a set of filters to another book This ...
about 3 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Future consideration

Provide an extract of transaction log to end-users in PAW in order to trace the history of users' inputs

The idea would be for example to add a function in the right click menu from a cell (from PAW views) to be able to contextually retrieve the history of data changes stored in transaction log (value before, after, user and date).
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Future consideration

Adding a View in PAW will add the 'Default' view if available

When right clicking on a view in PAW PAW should check for and open the default view (Public / Private) if available. this is the same behavior as architect
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Future consideration