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Spectrum Symphony

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User-based scheduling policy by SSM

Add a new scheduling policy to consider resources a user used and make it fair among users. We could call it user-based (fair share) scheduling policy. For example, for N users that has active sessions, each user can only get 1/N of total allocate...
almost 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 2 Not under consideration

Service Package Version Reset and/or Forsibly Deploy

If Symphony shared directory was restored by some reasons (ex. Disaster Recovery, Hardware Renewal, Hardware broken, etc.), RS couldn't deply newer SI package until the version number was incremented to the version number deployed on compute node....
about 8 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 1 Not under consideration

[Support Matrix] Matrix - Oracle Standard Edition support for Symphony 6.1.1

We changed the Oracle support policy from v6.1.1 and it make customer hard now.Symphony v6.1.1 support only Oracle Enterprise edition.It is barrier for customer to upgrade Symphony now. Old version Symphony (v6.1.0.1, v5.x) supported Oracle and it...
about 8 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 3 Not under consideration

[CE] Platform Symphony Management GUI - Solaris Sparc - BBK

We use a Symphony Version 5.0 in a pure Solaris 10 Sparc 64 bit Infrastructure including the Platform Management Console GUI. All used servers are based on Solaris Sparc architectureThe Symphony Grid infrastructure is implemented in two regions --...
about 8 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 2 Not under consideration

Retry to start SD on a different host

ESC_SERVICE_START_FAIL_RETRY parameter helps to retry to restart services but if a host is experiencing problem, it will run out of retry limit then move service to Error status. There should be a option to try to startup EGO service, for example ...
about 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 1 Not under consideration

[SMC][RFE][CA-CIB] - SMC - On GUI add role assignment for users

instead of using egosh role command, we would like to manage easily our user on SMC cluster PMR ID : TS000975161
about 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Future Version 2 Not under consideration


"Consumer1 executing on a host(with special resource attribute) is not reclaimed and rescheduled on another host when Consumer2, requiring that resource, request allocation. Consumer 1 doesn't have any resource preference, so the expectation was t...
about 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 2 Not under consideration

Symphony Client install on Windows Machine

Client Don't want to install symphony client msi package install on multiple windows hosts separately and it needs lot of effort to install on each machine and they have to engage Windows OSE's all the time. Is there a way to install package on wi...
over 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 2 Not under consideration

[SMC][RFE][CA-CIB] - SMC:can't retrieve logs via the MC web console

CA-CIB users want to retrieve MultiCluster logs from WEBGUI.However, current SYM did not have such feature. Please contact CACIB if necessary.
over 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Future Version 1 Not under consideration

Resolve callback thread handing issue on Symphony client 7.1.2

1. Our application MC farms occasionally experience hanging while the farm waits for task responses. 2. The Symphony stats shows all tasks are done, however, the Symphony client API doesn't callback our application. It is likely the Symphony call...
over 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 1 Not under consideration