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Cognos Analytics

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Container for New Cognos Mobile App

Does the development team for Cognos Analytics for Mobile have anything on the app’s roadmap to add support for Intune app protection policies? According to the developer guidance on github, it would require the mobile app developer to make use of...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Security 1 Planned for future release

Data Set refresh though batch job

Data sets are having scheduleing properties to get refresh, However instead of defining individual data set refresh schedule it would be much helpful if we can use cognos jobs to include multiple data sets in a single batch and schedule refresh.
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Administration 0 Submitted

Add Action Menu (more button) to Recent section under the Hamburger Menu

In 11.2.2, when I go to recent in the hamburger menu, I can only remove from recent. I used to be able to share, copy, move, etc. I would like to be able to do these things again.
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Portal 1 Not under consideration

Dashboard Filter - support "Display" and "Use" values

In Framework Manager, "The Filter Item Reference property identifies the query item used when Reporting or Query Studio generates a filter. This property can help create more efficient queries by ensuring that a filter uses an indexed numeric colu...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Dashboard 0 Submitted
106 VOTE

Ability to refresh prompts of an embedded report if dashboard filter(s) change / common prompting model

Our dashboards created for IBM sales leadership often have both native dashboard views and embedded/iframe'ed reports when it is needed for better data visualization. Embedded report prompts are hard-coded in a URL pointing to a report. If a user ...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Dashboard 2 Future consideration

OLAP Modelling for Data Modules (Dimensions / Hierarchies / Levels) like Framewormanager

Like in Frameworkmanager we need to define Dimensions, Hierary, Levels in Datamodules. This is because we need to build complex reports, which we can build very fast, with less complexity with Cubes. Dynamic Cubes and Transformer Cubes. We want to...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Data Access and Modelling 0 Submitted

Support Microsoft Dynamics as a data source

We have a lot of application development be done using Microsoft Dynamics, because Power BI supports Dynamics and the option sets, departments end up using Power BI and Cognos isn't consider as a reporting option even thou we also have Cognos.
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Data Access and Modelling 0 Submitted

Change the data module used within a report without breaking the report

Reports often need to be repointed to different data sources from those that were used to create them. Scenario 1. For example we notice an error in a data module. In a typical production system we cant just update the live data module, we could b...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Data Access and Modelling 0 Submitted

Simple, unified way to set and troubleshoot parallelized report & visualization queries for concurrent execution

Problem to solve - Clients need to be able to make query processing concurrent for their reports and individual visualizations so that their end users (who only open reports to get some information, then close them) have the opportunity to get wha...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Hide Namespace in Schedule Directory

While auditing for security processes I discovered that some of our external sources have the ability to see and if possible email internal recipients; this includes some proprietary recipients. I would IBM to create the ability for IBM support pe...
3 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Administration 0 Future consideration