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Spectrum LSF

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LSF should store accounting data in database

The lsb.acct log file format is anachronistic and hard for customers to deal with. To get the LSF accounting data into a relational database customers have to write their own code to parse lsb.acct files (ether via custom code such as perl/python,...
almost 4 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Not under consideration

badmin ckconfig with -f switch to check lsb.* files individually

When we run “badmin ckconfig” – it checks for all batch files by default.It would be great If I can check only for a certain file instead of all lsb.* files – e.g. $ badmin ckconfig -v -f lsb.queues Looking forward to such a feature.
almost 4 years ago in Spectrum LSF 4 Not under consideration

Adding 'PENDED' column in output of bqueues -l command.

There is the SHARE_INFO section in output of bqueues -l command. In the output, there is STARTED column. it mean started number of slots for user and user group. But, there is no PENDED column. Surely, we can know number of pend slot by using 'bqu...
over 4 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Not under consideration

For more accurate pend time

Product: IBM Spectrum Computing AnalyticsVersion: 9.1.4Actor: SKhynix, Korea HQ Customer want to know how many server's slot was not used and application license was pended and what user could not run own jobs in how long time. To find some inform...
over 4 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Not under consideration

Change the name of "".

We have "" for our application. LSF "" conflict with it and we have to set library path for ours in job scripts. "" is too common name, so please change it in LSF, like "".
over 4 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

Flexlm License controls

We would like to add the enhancement for flexlm license command to release a license from the RTM webui From RTM > License tab > Feature Checkouts > from the list of feature we would like to be able to release a license if neededHere is t...
over 5 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Not under consideration

IBM Spectrum LSF Standard Edition does not support multi NIC VM provisioning

IBM Spectrum LSF standard Edition does not support multi NIC VM provisioning using resource connector.
over 5 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Not under consideration

RTM: monitor advance reservation

like for hostgroups, monitor system metrics like cpu, mem, swap, etc, number of jobs, of users, etc of of advance reservation created using 'brsvadd', visible using 'brsvs -l' comand
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

Preserving job array conditions in multicluster

Job array conditions are widely used on our machines to manage when jobs are dispatched. Certain workflows require specific job stepping. Job array conditions aren't present in a multicluster environment. Our workaround involves submitting a job i...
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

Adding forking child to sbatchd can prevent significant delays and cascading problems associated with slow cgroup writes.

Platform LSF's root sbatchd daemon on the execution host gets stuck while writing to one of the cgroup subsystem. This causes the host to show unreachable status, and no new jobs will be dispatched to this host. Jobs which were already running on ...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration