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Watson Assistant

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Can we please have all-but search possibility in the Watson Assistant Analytics tab?

This is such a simple improvement, that I have had 3 clients ask for. They say things like:"I would like to see all conversations EXCEPT ones containing #chit-chat","I would really like to see all conversations EXCEPT ones containing the word Chri...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Download/List an asset from catalog from HTTP API

When using the watson APIs to retrieve assets, it responds asset metadata only. As a data engineer/scientist, I need to: List URIs of available data assets from a given catalog Download asset content from a given asset URI/id It will benefi...
almost 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 2 Submitted

HTML editor/viewer in dialog node response

We have customers who output HTML snippet from dialog. Currently they need to view the HTML in some external editor. There needs an easy way to view HTML output in dialog node itself.
about 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Future consideration

Improve Tab - be able to see how often ALL intents are used within the date range

The "Top Intents" report is nice, but for anything other than a trivial system the top 10 intents will fill up with intents that commonly come up within handling of a complex flow. Larger customers will get more benefit out of being able to see ho...
over 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Ability to export and import multiple or single intents in Conversation

Today we can only export and import the entire Workspace in conversation. The work would be a lot easier if we could export intents in conversation that makes sense in other context to other workspaces that are already running. For example, we cou...
over 5 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Submitted

enhance jointoArray() method to allow for inline modification

Currently, the joinToArray() Method at the link below, only only supports access to properties directly without further modification. This idea is to allow for modification of properties before merging into a template. This would allow for methods...
2 months ago in Watson Assistant 0 Submitted

Watson discards changes in Dialogue nodes done during the training - Possibility of team coworking on the same skill in one moment would make development faster and smoother

1. If one person in the team is training the assistant (adding user examples to Intents, adding Entities, or making other changes) and the assistant is processing them ("Watson is training" stripe in the "Try it" window), then no other team member...
10 months ago in Watson Assistant 0 Under review

Ability to mass duplicate a dialog node

When setting up a new bot with many nodes of the same structure (e.g. just simple responses), at the moment you can only duplicate nodes one by one. Sometimes this can run up to hundreds of times for larger bots. Would be really useful if you coul...
about 1 year ago in Watson Assistant 0 Submitted

Search for Skills in an instance or between instances

It would be very helpful to be able to search for a particular skill ID (or skill name) within (or better yet, between) instances. This feature would allow a user to search for a Skill ID and find where it's located in a instance (or where it appe...
about 1 year ago in Watson Assistant 0 Submitted

Support a more robust yet responsive SDLC within the Watson Assistant studio

Rather than suggest a solution (we have multiple ideas, I’m sure IBM and community would have many others) thought it better to state our problem. Our needs: We need to speedily develop and promote conversation fixes to production to respond to pr...
about 1 year ago in Watson Assistant 0 Submitted