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SPSS Modeler

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Offline context sensitive help stored locally

This feature will be useful for users who work offline or in the environment isolated from the Internet. These users cannot use a context help for Modeler.
over 3 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 2 Not under consideration

database function manual

The database functions manual of all database specification does not explanation currently Modeler manuals. Since how to use is not know, Modeler User is confusion. Please explanation the database functions of all database specification in the Mod...
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

Implement data loading process which utilizes multiple threads

As reported in the case TS001233758, in AS 3.1.1 it takes about 50 minutes to load 21 mln rows from Oracle to Hadoop; in our test environment it took less time to load data from Hadoop to Oracle, but the process is still slow.While working on this...
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Analytics Server 0 Not under consideration

data before the reference date

The reference date of the Date Type data is 1900/01/01.However, there are times when the data entered by mistake is data before the reference date. I think that it is unnecessary for Date Type data because the data before the reference date is not...
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

The data amount of the SPSS Modeler's installation package is large

Since the amount of data of the installation package is large, it takes time to transfer the data when providing the user.Also, My Appliacation's installer development is difficult due to the large amount of data.
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0

Log is not output in ModelerSolutionPublisher

Logs are not output using "clemrtk_setLogFile()"function.Because its function is not working.Therefore, I can not execute Try-and-Error by checking logs from my developed program.
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

Automatically trim leading and trailing spaces from Variable Names

A colleague was struggling with getting a Time Series model to work. The issue turned out to be that there were leading and trailing spaces on the target variable name. I have seen this happen with client data in the past. The error message that M...
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 1 Future consideration

Allowing Modeler to produce SQL statement with some modification to meet HIVE Database parser limitation

By enabling SQL optimization Modeler will create SQL statement correspondence with the process performs in each node on the stream. When HIVE database use as data source, in a specific stream, the SQL statement created by Modeler could not be proc...
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler Server 0 Planned for future release

Specific Encoding options on the list of Encoding Setting on Stream Properties and Var.File properties

Currently on the var.file properties there is setting for "Encoding" which allow user select following options:- Stream default- System default- UTF-8And on the stream properties, there is "Encoding" setting with option of "System default" and "UT...
about 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

new Configurable Realm selection list to be added to the AS at logon time - Public Idea

No description provided
about 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration