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Spectrum LSF

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LSF / Extend "span[hosts=xx]" capability to several hosts to optimize cpu utilization in exclusive context

There is no way today to optimize CPU utilization over several hosts, i.e. to specify on how many servers the job should be dispatched, and let LSF use all available cpu on these hosts. This works fine with 1 single host, using cpu range and "span...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

RTM: limits monitoring

We identified the needs of user limits monitoring, the blimits -w output accounting & per user|host|queue|hostgroup related graphs.
over 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Not under consideration

Set 2 levels for loadSched

1. By design, if the loadSched condition is not satisfied, no jobs can be dispatched to the host. Even if we submit a job which will not use the lacking resource, the job can't be dispatched to the host, either. 2. We think this is a waste of the ...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

Can bstop release slots in order that other jobs can start on the same host ?

Here is an example. I tried the following case. gnx5561 has been booked by advanced reservation: RSVID TYPE USER NCPUS RSV_HOSTS TIME_WINDOW res0 group res0 3/4 gnx5561:3/4 7/28/18/0-7/30/12/0 I have launched one job reserving 3 cpus (857274). It ...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

RTM: add grid cache directory purge feature

currently, the directory use for job graphs (specified in the "Console->Grid Settings->Paths->Grid Cache Dir" field) is never clean up. can you please add feature to purge this directory to avoid disk space saturation ?
about 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Not under consideration

LSF: unable to update host resources using bconf

Hello, 1st: not possible to update host resources using bconf although that it is documented in the man pages & bconf help. see ex1 "in use case example" 2nd: another way should be to have an extra sub command to add or remove a specific resou...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration

LSF: bhosts (-w,-l) status when host is closed_Adm and unavail or unreach

bhosts -l HOST ...STATUS CPUF JL/U MAX NJOBS RUN SSUSP USUSP RSV DISPATCH_WINDOWunavail 1.00 - 3 0 0 0 0 0 - LOAD THRESHOLD USED FOR SCHEDULING: .... ADMIN ACTION COMMENT: "HDD or RAID ctlr issue"badmin hhist Mon Dec 29 08:17:06: Host closed by ad...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Not under consideration

Cgroups CPU subsystem support

We want to ensure that jobs get the CPU time according to the amount of slots requested, especially on nodes shared by multiple jobs. This has always been an important goal in HPC environments. To achieve this we can use affinity, however CPU affi...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 4 Not under consideration

bjobs -o all

Currently there is a large list of -o options, which are hugely beneficial. We have a large bjobs -o <long list> -json report that is frequently run for metrics and query reduction (to provide an API to get cached data) but we have to update...
3 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Data Management 1

Extend Role-based access control to data columns

We are facing the need to limit access to certain data columns/fields in LSF Explorer for certain roles. In our environment a few different teams will make use of the reporting capabilities of LSF Explorer in different scopes. Nevertheless, LSF Ex...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Reporting/Explorer 1 Future consideration