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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against products and services offered by the IBM Data & AI organization. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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SPSS Modeler

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Allow admins to modify or delete labels

Labels provide a convenient and effect way to manage analytical assets but there is no mechanism for editing/modifying/deleting incorrect labels or those no longer needed.
over 7 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS CNDS 0 Future consideration

Support of Google Cloud Platform(GCP) with SPSS Modeler Server/ SPSS CADS

One of our SPSS Modeler customer who is consider SPSS Modeler Server/SPSS CADS at the moment would like to built environment using GCP IaaS(Compute Engine).
about 2 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

Please describe all clemb command parameter of each support database in Modeler Batch manual.

For example, If the node is named, you must surround the node name with double quotes and escape the quotes with a backslash.If the data source node in the preceding example has the name Source_ABC the entry would be as follows:----------clemb -s...
almost 3 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

Offline context sensitive help stored locally

This feature will be useful for users who work offline or in the environment isolated from the Internet. These users cannot use a context help for Modeler.
almost 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 2 Not under consideration

Prevent multiple licenses assigned to same user in SPSS License Manager

Problem: License is very limited (24 concurrent) and SPSS is allowing multiple license being used by same user at a time which doesn't makes sense. SPSS should prevent this from happening. Current Workaround: Contact the user, ask to logout, and r...
over 4 years ago in SPSS Modeler 1 Not under consideration

Reading CSV Files with Non-Delimiting Commas

The Var File Source node in Modeler is not able to detect commas within a comma-delimited file that are not delimiters. A comma within a single field would currently cause that field to be read as two fields, and distort all of the data beyond the...
almost 5 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

script within IBM Modeler 18.0

Can you script the definition of synonyms, concepts and category rules? I mean, starting from existing libraries, preprogrammed packages, program what we are currently doing in the resource editor and categories page. Rather click and type via the...
over 5 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration

R-node code protection

To have a modeler node, that can be programmed, maybe even compiled, in such a way that the code can be hidden from the user.This could be an adaption of an existing R-Node or something totally new. The language could be R but for my purpose it co...
over 5 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Future consideration

Save the login password in Cognos (tm1) node over multiple sessions

When using SPSS Modeler to get data from Cognos the customer would like to store the login details into the stream, preferably not on a per node basis. There stream connects multiple times to Cognos to get different sets of data. At the moment (V1...
over 5 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration

Request Ranger Support for SPSS

Our company uses hive tables to validate data in hadoop. We use an application called Ranger to control authorization to hdfs and hive. Since we use Ranger the actual hdfs file permissions and hive access controls are not used by us. Currently it ...
almost 6 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Analytics Server 0 Future consideration