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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 27, 2021

Rules should pick up metadata assigned to data classes

Currently, Rules within WKC only picks up data classes, business terms, and classifications that are applied directly to columns/assets within the Catalog, under the asset preview section. We expected that we would be able to create dependent data classes that would inherit attributes (like tags, classifications, and business terms) from parent data classes-- and after applying a Rule to a parent data class only, we expected to have the Rule also affect the dependent data classes.

For example, if we were to

1) list data classes 'First Name' and 'Last Name' as dependent data classes under the 'Person Name' parent data class (in the Governance>Data Classes section of WKC),

2) add a custom classification or tag to the 'Person Name' data class (e.g. 'PII/PHI-Redact' classification), and

3) create a redaction Rule (in Governance>Rules) with criteria that applies to that specific classification or tag and/or includes only the parent data class 'Person Name'-- we would expect to see that the dependent data classes 'First Name' and 'Last Name' inherit the classification or tag from the parent data class 'Person Name' and (even though the dependent data classes are not explicitly included in the Rule) that the dependent data classes are also redacted.

This functionality would offer our team more flexibility for Rule creation and masking and allow us to group dependent data classes under custom-created parent data classes with custom classifications/tags.

Needed By Yesterday (Let's go already!)
  • Admin
    Michal Szylar
    Aug 30, 2021

    Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your reply! As per your submission, we are adding to our road map following ideas:

    1) Include data class hierarchy in data protection rules (internal reference: UNIFIEDCAT-1075)

    2) Capability to propagate attribute definitions with dependant governance assets (internal reference: UNIFIEDCAT-E-181)

    Whereas ability to apply data protection rules to columns based on the classification of data classes assigned to the columns, needs further consideration (ref. UNIFIEDCAT-2296).

    Best regards,

    Michal Szylar

  • Guest
    Aug 17, 2021

    Hi Emma,

    Yes, you understood correctly! Adding 'Classification' to the 'Actions' section of WKC Rules, being able to add classifications to (parent) data classes that will be picked up by masking Rules, and having dependent data classes inherit those classifications (tags, business terms, etc.) from parent data classes (which would result in dependent data classes also being masked by Rules).



  • Guest
    Aug 17, 2021

    Hi - Thank you for your submission! I want to make sure I'm clear about what you're asking for. I see two ideas here. 1) You would like to be able to create a data protection rule on a Classification then mask or restrict access to columns where the data class relates to that Classification. For example, you want to create a rule that says "If Classification is PII/PHI-Redact, then redact the column with classification PII/PHI-Redact", then you expect that all columns with the data class of Person Name are redacted because the data class Person Name relates to the Classification PII/PHI-Redact. 2) You want a dependent data class to inherit all relationships of a parent data class. For example, if you relate the Classification of PII/PHI-Redact to the data class Person Name. The dependent data class of First Name will automatically relate to the Classification of PII/PHI-Redact.

    Let me know if I understood that correctly!