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Status Future consideration
Workspace Db2
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 4, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DB24LUW-I-1047 index based restore of a table space from backup image file.

Backup Image file needs final stats, index/table contents and fast restore LOGS only Merged

Backup Image file needs final stats for use at restore time, index/table contents and fast restore LOGS only.

Assuming f.i. one has a "full online backup db include logs", a restore of a 'big' backup image (especially > 1 TB) , in another server is often troublesome not knowing any stats/size/contents of required disk space :

  • for the restore db itself (before the 'roll forward to end of logs')

  • for the embedded LOG files that need to be extracted to LOGTARGET, as last step of the restore.

The restore db can run for many hours, can or cannot fit on disk, and if it does after, almost job almost complete at 99%, finding out LOGTARGET disk is full ....

Then, after making sure (guessing) LOGTARGET space is sufficient, one has to restart the restore all over again. Loosing valuable time.

Even ONLY restoring the LOGS in a separate session, and then resuming the roll forward will not save time: A full image scan is needed, that also will run for hours, to locate and extract the LOG files from the backup image.

At present the history file, which is near the beginning of the image file, can be restored rather fast, but it will not help much : the history file does not include the size of the 'future' backup image, nor does it have information of number and size of log files ' running' backup.

A db2diag log file(s) of the original db location/server often would have been pruned, so that also lso not useful for stats of the backup time and restore sizing (start , end, and number of log switches in-between).

This issue is related to two other RFE / Ideas :

DB24LUW-I-141 : Provide Backup Size Info In History FIle

DB24LUW-I-1047 : index based restore of a table space from backup image file

Needed by Date Dec 31, 2021
  • Guest
    Jun 5, 2021

    of course one Could script / generate some details about the backup in a seperate file (like a metadata file about the backup), and safeguard that info besides the backup image file (for maybe years to come….). But that’s not Db2 native and supported solution, which i.m.h.o should be.

  • Guest
    Jun 4, 2021

    I wonder if you could write some details about the backup in a seperate file (like a metadata file about the backup)? This could be useful for things like, "How big are the logs" that you don't know until the end, but if you have to read all the way to the end of the backup to find out... So, at the end of the backup, you could write all the meta data someplace.

    Perhaps you could create this file and/or add it to to the history or something, and then, you could be a bit more intelligent about a few things when starting up a restore (checking logtarget fs size, etc.).

  • Guest
    Jun 4, 2021

    Could db2ckbkp get improved to extract this data from an image?

    Otherwise an additional session could be appended to the backup image/stream, which contains the stats. This fixed length ending block could be used to check the file end of the backup image for the needed data. Well, yes, this would probably not help, if the image is on tape.