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Status Not under consideration
Workspace Db2
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 10, 2015

MOD function FF Optimizer PMR 26759;122;000(RIMS)

Calisto suggested if the MOD function FF issue is pervasive in the customer's environment, we could do an enhancement(under regvar maybe), so please ask for it. I will ask Satya to collect the stats across the partitions. The current stats shows a large portion of the values is the max value. COLSTATS: (Column Statics Details) Q1.SRC_VALD_TO_TSTMP (ColCnt= 2455 NullCnt= 0 Ntup= 4621609 AvgColLen= 10 TypeCode= 263 GX=40 (40) MaxColCrd=-9.000000 Flgs=0x00000062)) H/L: Base Float Prefix FloatLiteral Hi2: 3.155378976000000e+11 2.522877408000000e+11 '9999-12-31-' Lo2: 3.155378976000000e+11 2.522877408000000e+11 '9999-12-31-' Freq: CountBase Float Prefix Float Literal F000: 1801650 3.155379840000000e+11 2.522878272000000e+11 '9999-12-31- ' F001:18404 6.327832320000000e+10 2.816640000000000e+07 '2006-03-18- ' F002:16207 6.343202880000000e+10 1.818720000000000e+08 '2011-01-30- 'F003:12740 6.343081920000000e+10 1.806624000000000e+08 '2011-01-16- ' F004:11765 6.347134080000000e+10 2.211840000000000e+08 '2012-04-29- ' F005:11646 6.344835840000000e+10 1.982016000000000e+08 '2011-08-07- ' F006:11527 6.343185600000000e+10 1.816992000000000e+08 '2011-01-28- ' F007:11396 6.346952640000000e+10 2.193696000000000e+08 '2012-04-08- ' F008:10793 6.337759680000000e+10 1.274400000000000e+08 '2009-05-10- ' F009:10459 6.347125440000000e+10 2.210976000000000e+08 '2012-04-28- ' Quan: CountDistinct Count Base Float Prefix Float Literal Q000: 1473 1 6.324989760000000e+10 -2.592000000000000e+05 '2005-04-23- ' Q001: 1491198 1851 6.343142400000000e+10 1.812672000000000e+08 '2011-01-23-'Q002:1495762 1852 6.343151040000000e+10 1.813536000000000e+08 '2011-01-24-' Q003:1658039 1917 6.343712640000000e+10 1.869696000000000e+08 '2011-03-30- ' Q004: 1659616 1918 6.343721280000000e+10 1.870560000000000e+08 '2011-03-31- ' Q005: 1824610 2014 6.344550720000000e+10 1.953504000000000e+08 '2011-07-05- ' Q006: 1825301 2015 6.344559360000000e+10 1.954368000000000e+08 '2011-07-06- ' Q007: 1988683 2064 6.344982720000000e+10 1.996704000000000e+08 '2011-08-24- ' Q008: 1995066 2065 6.344991360000000e+10 1.997568000000000e+08 '2011-08-25- ' Q009: 2153643 2148 6.345708480000000e+10 2.069280000000000e+08 '2011-11-16- ' Q010: 2156728 2149 6.345717120000000e+10 2.070144000000000e+08 '2011-11-17-' Q011: 2319009 2195 6.346114560000000e+10 2.109888000000000e+08 '2012-01-02- ' Q012:2322423 2196 6.346123200000000e+10 2.110752000000000e+08 '2012-01-03- ' Q013: 2486028 2247 6.346563840000000e+10 2.154816000000000e+08 '2012-02-23- ' Q014: 2489390 2248 6.346572480000000e+10 2.155680000000000e+08 '2012-02-24- ' Q015: 2647820 2305 6.347064960000000e+10 2.204928000000000e+08 '2012-04-21- ' Q016: 2657272 2306 6.347073600000000e+10 2.205792000000000e+08 '2012-04-22- ' Q017: 2819959 2454 6.348352320000000e+10 2.333664000000000e+08 '2012-09-17- ' Q018: 2819959 2455 3.155379840000000e+11 2.522878272000000e+11 '9999-12-31- ' Q019: 4621609 2455 3.155379840000000e+11 2.522878272000000e+11 '9999-12-31-' Follow the links for possible actions: View CRM: Append to CRM discussion: