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Status Functionality already exists
Workspace Product Master
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 14, 2022

Allow for the bulk update of a secondary specification in PIM V12

We have over 300 secondary specs defined within our implementation of PIM. We can assign one of these secondary specs to a level of our merch hierarchy.

Due to the disparate nature of our secondary specs, we need the ability to be able to select all items or a subset of items with the same secondary spec and either apply a bulk update through the bulk edit view UI or through the product update template.

Please reach out to me if you require a simulation or further insight of this requirement.

Needed By Yesterday (Let's go already!)
  • Admin
    Jyothi P
    Jul 5, 2022

    Hi Omar,

    Even if there are multiple secondary specs mapped to the categories, the bulk edit grid will have only those secondary spec attributes which are applicable for the items present in the gird

    So for example if I have 300 secondary specs mapped across say 100 categories, so each category say has 3 secondary specs each. Now if I have items belonging to only 1 category present in the grid, then I see the attributes available for the 3 secondary specs. If I have items belonging to multiple categories then the grid will have the attributes that are available for each of those items.

    Hence your below statement is not correct and the system is actually taking care of loading only relevant secondary specs attributes for the items

    "Here we are looking for some solution in out of the box bulk edit screen so that it will load/update only those secondary specs which are related to items displayed in bulk edit screen."



  • Guest
    May 23, 2022

    Hi Jyothi,

    I think there is understanding gap on this issue. I would like to mention that this issue is related to viewing/editing data in bulk edit screen. As there are almost 300 secondary specs attached with bulk edit view and while loading/updating data in bulk edit view takes huge time because it works with those secondary specs.

    Here we are looking for some solution in out of the box bulk edit screen so that it will load/update only those secondary specs which are related to items displayed in bulk edit screen.

    Please let me know the time to have a call on this if you have further queries on the same.


  • Admin
    Jyothi P
    Apr 28, 2022
    • By design, “Find & Replace” is meant to work on bulk data and hence we create a job which runs in the background so as to avoid any degradation in user experience. While dealing with bulk data, selecting large number of records is not a very good experience for users. Hence while designing, it was made in such a way so that it is not related to the selections made by user on screen. It works on the complete data set returned irrespective of what is selected.

    As of now, we do not have any plans to change this design in near future as it may impact other customer's as well.

    If user want to do replace selectively then the right way to do that is to first apply filter (using grid filter) on the items within grid and then you can do “Find & Replace”. Alternatively, user can export the data to excel, update the items in Excel and re-import them.

    • Import/Export Feature : In order to achieve selective record update, you can do any of the following

      • Export the entire content into excel(Say total 50 records). Open the generated file and remove the items you are not interested in(Say 30 records). Update the remaining records that you are interested in(20 records). And then re-import the updated excel file, and the changes will be reflected only to the interested records(20 records)

      • Alternatively, you can select some of the records present on the UI, using the check box, click on export to export the selected records to generate the excel. The generated excel will have only the limited records which were selected at the time of export. Update the records and re-import the excel and changes will be reflected

    This feature is already available since IPM 12.0 FP04 release.

    Please check these features and let us know if it resolves your purpose.