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Status Planned for future release
Components Q Replication for Z
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 28, 2018

Replication condiction

System : InfoSphere Replication Server(Q replication) is real-time database replication solution for better control of DB2 replication.
Description : Customer want to check or before image and after image condition each row processing to control special condition.
Customer want to add more condition to accurate the filter, like specify old value (before image).
They want to ignore the log records when they want to

  • Admin
    Rohit Agarwal
    Apr 5, 2020

    Adding history from RFE-33857:

    4.Davendra PaltooApr 18, 2018 12:49 PM

    From Serge:

    We are waiting for client feedback on our suggestion to add a new Capture option to consider changes to VARCHAR from empty to space as NOT a change. This request does make sense to us and is very easy to implement. I already wrote a prototype. If it meets their requirement, we could deliver or have them Beta test. I will resend you the email that we sent them.

    From email sent to the client

    "I apologize for my slow response, I have been thinking a lot about this requirement and really wish to find a solution for SFMI. I looked into the client's suggestion of supporting search_condition filters on the before values of updates, but it is too costly to implement in a reasonable time given our priorities, not to mention development resources, and it does not align well with the intended usage of search conditions. We cannot justify pushing this change forward at this point.

    Instead, I am now exploring providing a new Capture option, something like 'suppress_empty2space_changes', similar to our existing 'suppress_delete' subscription option. The idea is to consider a change for any column from empty string to space(s) as NOT A CHANGE for this column. This means that if the only changes to a row are for changing varchar columns from empty string to space-only string, then the row would not be replicated. We have not fully fleshed out the solution, but are evaluating the idea. Please let us know if this would address the problem. Can you also expand if and how the problem affects other data types?

    Our original suggestion of using IGNTRAN table to skip the transaction is best in terms of performance, because Capture does not have to materialize/process any rows for the transaction to ignore, but we do accept that the customer finds it impossible to implement. This is unfortunate."

    3.Davendra PaltooApr 4, 2018 7:26 AM

    Serge has an alternative proposal. Being discussed with the client. Need comeback from Serge

    2.jazzdw userMar 15, 2018 4:07 AMSUNMI MIN wrote:

    SUNMIMIN created an attachment, SFMI_IRS_20180315.txt :

    1.jazzdw userMar 9, 2018 3:17 AMSUNMI MIN wrote:

    1. The source is a SAP database? ==> Yes , customer use SAP on DB2 . 2. What tables are they merging? ==> I just have test case sample SQL. Do do you need real tables list ? ** ADD Column db2 "alter table sapsr3.test_update add column num varchar(20) not null with default ' '" db2 reorg table sapsr3.test_update 3. Can you share the merge command that they use? ==> I just have test case sample SQL. ** MERGE Statement MERGE INTO sapsr3.TEST_UPDATE AS t USING TABLE( VALUES ( 'ID1','TEST1',' ' ) ) AS p(id, name, num) ON AND WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET num = ' ' WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (,, t.num ) VALUES (,, p.num ) ; 4. Why is the merge is generating update for every single column of the target table? ==> "Merge" task is SAP logic. 5. Is the column added a CHAR type? Is this a regular event? For what reason? ==> I heard regular event one a week and sometime it happened one a month. There is for the reason their business logic.