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Status Future consideration
Workspace Spectrum Symphony
Components Version 7.3.2
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 12, 2024

Log something meaningful from the python symphony calls when something is missing

When an unexperienced symphony python developer trying to connect symphony via his python script (without knowing that he did not call function conn.create_session(sca) before making the connection call... the python script core dumped without giving any reason why... It gives nothing to the developer what went wrong... Our suggestion is to have detect such and print the error message instead of making a big core file... andwang 2024-03-12 12:11:50 dev non-sym-cluster gui $ cat /v/global/user/s/so/soumasid/work/Symphony_Python/

# Run the following to set the SSO profile before triggering this program:

# source /ms/dist/grid/PROJ/clientconf/cva-in-pd-2-sso-720/profile.platform

import sys

import traceback

import uuid

# Symphony related imports

import soamapiversion

import soamapi

application_name = 'CVATWDistributedReporterEODCollator_uat2_143.0'

service_name = 'CVATWReporterCollatorEOD'

service_to_slot_ratio = (1, 8)

class MyMessage(soamapi.Message):

def __init__(self, i=None, is_sync=None, str=None):

self.__int = i

self.__bool = is_sync

self.__string = str

def get_int(self):

return self.__int

def set_int(self, i):

self.__int = i

def get_bool(self):

return self.__bool

def set_bool(self, is_sync):

self.__bool = is_sync

def get_string(self):

return self.__string

def set_string(self, str):

self.__string = str

def on_serialize(self, stream):




def on_deserialize(self, stream):

self.__int = stream.read_int()

self.__bool = stream.read_bool()

self.__string = stream.read_string()

# Initialize soamapi


# Connect to Symphony Application


# This is an SSO connection, so we don't need to provide username and password

sec = soamapi.DefaultSecurityCallback("", "")

conn = soamapi.connect(application_name, sec)

print('Connected to Symphony using Python! Connection ID: ' + conn.get_id())

except soamapi.SoamException:

print('Error while trying to connect to Symphony. Details:\n' + traceback.format_exc())


# Set session attributes

sca = soamapi.SessionCreationAttributes()



sca.set_service_to_slot_ratio(soamapi.ServiceToSlotRatio(service_to_slot_ratio[0], service_to_slot_ratio[1]))

# Create session

session = conn.create_session(sca) <== missing this call

print('Symphony session created! Session ID: ' + session.get_id())

tasks_to_Submit = 1

hello = 'Hello Grid !!'

task_data = MyMessage(tasks_to_Submit, True, hello)

task_attr = soamapi.TaskSubmissionAttributes()


task_input_handle = session.send_task_input(task_attr)

prt_msg = "Sent task: " + task_input_handle.get_id()


task_output_handle_list = session.fetch_task_output(tasks_to_Submit)

for task_output_handle in task_output_handle_list:

if task_output_handle.is_successful():

out_msg = MyMessage()


# Display content of reply

prt_msg = "Task Succeeded [" + task_output_handle.get_id() + "] \n"

prt_msg += "Integer Value : " + str(out_msg.get_int()) + "\n"

prt_msg += out_msg.get_string()



ex = task_output_handle.get_exception()

prt_msg = "Task Not Succeeded : " + str(ex)


if ex.get_embedded_exception():

appEx = ex.get_embedded_exception()



print("No application exception")

task_output_handle = None

# Close session and connection and uninitialize soamapi



print('Symphony session and connection closed.')

# Uninitialize soamapi


print("Done!") andwang 2024-03-12 12:11:54 dev non-sym-cluster gui $

Needed By Quarter