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Cloud Pak for Data

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Automate SSL certificate refreshing after CP4D self-signed certificates are renewed (Db2, DV)

I think the SSL certificate refreshes for Db2 and Data Virtualization described below are about internal CP4D communication.
about 19 hours ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Db2 0 Submitted

Automatic deletion of unneeded archive logs

The following directories of c-db2u-dv-db2u-0 will continue to accumulate archive logs regardless of how often the user uses them. /mnt/bludata0/db2/archive_log/db2inst1/BIGSQL/NODE0000/LOGSTREAM0000/C0000000If left unattended, the file system mou...
3 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 0 Submitted

Kerberos / SSL conflict

When Kerberos is enabled for users it blocks the usage of SSL for users that have local authentication.This is a bug that should be fixed but IBM persists this is working as designed so placing this here as an enhancement request.Enabling kerberos...
20 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Netezza Performance Server 2 Submitted

Data traffic encryption

When kerberos authentication is enabled there is no way to have data traffic encrypted.Despite the fact that kerberos has that functionality IBM isn't taking advantage of it.Data traffic encryption is a security standard for years so this should b...
20 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Netezza Performance Server 1 Submitted

Ability to stop print messages from python package ibm_watson_machine_learning

When using ibm_watson_machine_learning package, it prints messages in console after any wml command, like token preparation, space initialization, job deployment etc. Can we have an option where we could disable these print meassages?
20 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data as a Service 0 Submitted

Can Docker image builds be automated?

Can Docker image builds be automated? Currently it is difficult for customer to build docker images env in Waston Studio.
22 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 0 Submitted

Unify the CASE package version number with CP4D refresh version number

We have too many version number in CP4D and its services. For example, CASE package version, Operator version, Operand version and Service version. Operator and operand versions
22 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / AI Factsheets 0 Submitted

Allow Microsoft SQL Server connection to authenticate to Active Directory

The CP4D default Microsoft SQL Server connector does not handle authentication with Active Directory. Instead customers need to create a service account ON the SQL Server itself. This is probably due to lack of properly passing authentication toke...
29 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Connectivity 0 Submitted

Add method for deleting/modifying/taking ownership of data governance artifacts

There is currently no way in the UI to take ownership of, or delete/modify artifacts that were created by users who were later deleted from Cloud Pak. This leaves the system with orphaned artifacts with no clear path for removal. Businesses shou...
29 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 3 Needs more information

Add configuration options for LDAP Names to GUI in CPD

There is currently no way to configure what names are pulled from LDAP in the user interface for LDAP Configuration in CPD. After working with Harjit Thind, it was decided that we should open a development request to expose these configuration opt...
29 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 1 Needs more information