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Db2 Connect and DS Driver

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IBM Data Server .Net Provider Support For Informix Types DATETIME

Hi, we are in the process of moving from .Net Framework to .Net Core. Currently using the Net5.IBM.Data.Db2 driver connecting through the DRDA protocol.For DATETIME data types we are having trouble searching.A simple query is throwing the exceptio...
8 days ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 0 Submitted

Windows Db2-Runtime-Client with Certificate authentication: should also work without specifying sslClientLabel

Windows Db2-Runtime-Client with Certificate authentication: should also work without specifying sslClientLabelToday it is mandatory to define sslClientLabel (aka Friendly Name) if SSLClientKeystoredb value="GSK_MS_CERTIFICATE_STORE" is set. We hav...
25 days ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 1 Under review

Buy Dilaudid Online Overnight in USA & Canada|

Dilaudid is an opioid pain reliever that helps relieve moderate to severe pain. It acts on specific centers in the brain to give you pain relief. Buy Dilaudid Online at discounted rate with overnight delivery at your doorstep in USA & Canada. ...
29 days ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 1 Not under consideration

Allow DB2 connection to be inherited by a subshell

With the db2 command it is possible to execute a wide variety of DB2 tasks from a shell environment. It is however not possible to use variable substitution in a way that feels natural in a Unix environment. The execution of a shell script starts ...
2 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 1 Under review

Call stored procedure from Cobol in SP

I have a Client that previously used this IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries connector, to execute local WEB sessions, they decided to go to the Azure Cloud, the only thing they changed to the SP was the IBM.Data.DB2.Core Connector, with its corresponding chang...
3 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 0 Under review

Integrity Validation of SW and Updates

In order to complain with the Security Framework Controls of a product which uses Db2 connect SW the following requirement should be fullfilled: "Before applying the software and security updates, their legitimate source should be validated and in...
5 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 2 Planned for future release

Multifactor Authentication Support for db2connectactivate utility execution on z/OS Db2

We have a large amount of z/OS Db2 workload initiated from remote connections. Initially we used Db2 Connect servers to facilitate those connections but have recently moved to direct connections whicWackage. We use the db2connectactivate utility t...
5 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 0 Under review

IBM.EntityFrameworkCore driver doesn't support GUID and BOOL data types with using db2 i series v7r1 databases

Hi, We are delevoping .Net Core project with EntityFrameworkCore that working with AS 400 i series Db2 V7R1. We use many data types but when we want to use bbolean or Guid field types Db2 says undefined name for boolean(bit) and Guid (uniqueiden...
7 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 0 Under review

Enable Perl module DBD::DB2 for new DB2 Client supported OS's (e.g. RHEL 8)

DBD::DB2 is old code and needs to be updated to support newer versions of supported OS's as well as newer versions of Perl. In my particular case, I'm creating an enablement method for containers running Perl applications and I cannot use RHEL8 ev...
9 months ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 1 Functionality already exists

Support for calling RPG/RPGLE/CL programs on System i directly from a .NET Core program

While using the .NET Core driver to access DB2 data, it would be helpful to also be able to directly call RPG/RPGLE/CL etc. programs that are already in use on our System i from a .NET Core program. Currently, a web application running on System i...
about 1 year ago in Db2 Connect and DS Driver 0 Not under consideration