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Decision Optimization Center

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Document that mipgap and absmipgap are no pure termination criteria but can impact the path Cplex takes in B&C

As discussed in support case TS007960403, Cplex parameters mipgap and absmipgap can impact the path Cplex takes during Branch and Cut. I suggest to document this because from the description of the parameters one can expect that these are pure te...
5 months ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Submitted

Create Web Rich Client to visualize Model Information (Gantt, Charts, tables)

The current ODME product embeds many fat client to display valuable Visual information for Optimized Business Use Case. The current usage of client has evolved :from an architecture point of view : fat client are not privileged by IT due to deploy...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Planned for future release

DA / Ctrl-Delete accelerator cannot be connected to a custom action to delete a scenario without going through the trashcan

The generated application studio should support the scenario permanent deletion functionality. The standard accelerator SHIFT + DELETE could be implemented too.
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Functionality already exists

DA / Scenario manager : get closer to a standard file manager.

- The scenario should only be loaded on double-click; - multiple scenario should be selectable and then deletable simultaneously;- RW access should be implemented on scenarios / folders; - the trash bin should be managed by user and not globally;-...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Functionality already exists

DA / Have a scenario chooser widget that I can us in my ODM Applications

It could be similar to a standard file chooser on Windows orJFileChooser in Java.
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Functionality already exists

DA / JAVA optimisation models and OPL optimisation models

Dassault considers developing optimization ODME applications using JAVA optimization ocde instead of OPL code in a custom task (JAVA task). OPL multimodel code (in particular Javascript data process) gets too complex to write and maintain, with ad...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Planned for future release

Saving the layout of PIVOT TABLE

Our customer in Brazil (Coamo) requested us to give him the possibility to save different configurations of the same pivot table. To improve the analytical capabilities, It is important to him to be able to see the same information under different...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Functionality already exists

Java pre- and post processor around OPL solve task

Allow for a Java-based pre- and post process run around a DOC OPL Solve task.OPL is good for defining the optimization model, but not good to do complex pre- and post processing.One approach is to run Java-based pre and post processing code around...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Not under consideration

OPL solve progress dialog combined objective number format

Small cosmetic issue in OPL solve progress dialog. The number for thecombined objective doesn't have commas for the thousands. Theindividual goal values are formatted correctly. See attachedscreenshot.
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 0 Is a defect

Change PWD in Data Sources without redeploying application

When creating a datasource in the Studio tool for the purpose of pulling data from an external relational database to populate a scenario, the system requires that the connection information for the external RDB (including the password) be provide...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization Center 1 Not under consideration