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Information Server - Platform

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In-place Upgrade Information Server 11.5 to 11.7

Build a in-place upgrade for IBM Infosphere Information Server Suite to upgrade from version 11.5.x to version 11.7.x. For version 11.5.x there was a mod-pack available to upgrade from version 11.3.x to 11.5.
almost 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

Auto start Zookeeper, Solr and Kafka after WAS/Engine restart

We are actively using Information Analyzer enterprise wide and with multiple teams.Zookeeper and Solar Services needs restart after IIS WAS and Engine restart, IA thin client error out it needs zookeeper/solar restartAuto start Zookeeper, Solr and...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

Enhanecement request to have file connector accept a list of hosts, and not just a single host name

Client uses orc and Avro HDFS formats, which in turn use File Connector stage instead of Big Data File stage. The file connector leverages WebHDFS and has a “host” property that must be explicitlyset to point to an active name node, in order f...
over 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

DataStage support Java 1.8

WebSphere Application Server only supports Java 1.8 however the DataStage Engine only supports Java and
about 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

IIS DataStage installer should support TLS

After IIS DataStage is enabled for TLS, a patch installation fails to connect to xmeta.
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

Support for zookeeper for JDBC/HIVE connection within BigIntegrate

We are requesting that Big Integrate jobs using the JDBC/HIVE connector to use zookeeper in order to provide a load balancing for connections. This is a change to Data Direct driver and we have commitment from IBM and DD to make this change late...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

DataStage Drivers/Connectors to MongoDB for Parallel Jobs

Currently there is only 3rd party drivers and support for connecting DataStage to MongoDB. IBM does not officially support these solutions and we would like to have something which IBM will support and allow us to connect to MongoDB via JDBC or ODBC
over 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

BigIntegrate Made aware of Data Node Drive Fail

We have been working with Scott Brokaw from Software Engineer, Advanced Support Team on refining BigIntegrate PXEngine binary push to possibly include DB2 client libraries. As an offshoot of this, we discuss making BigIntegrate more intelligent a...
over 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Delivered

Establish a BigIntegrate process to clean up scratch and orphan pids on job failure

We are running BigIntegrate 11.5.2 in a 700+ node Hadoop cluster. We are seeing situations when jobs fail that are leaving behind scratch in our scratch space and orphan OSH pids. Two scenarios include:BI job aborts on its own due to Environment...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

PMR 71710,101,616 - SSL support between IIS services and metadata repository

"I thought I would approach you in the first instance re pathway forward. It is good to finally get a definitive response from IBM in relation to this question, however it's an issue we and I dare say every other Financial or Government institute ...
over 5 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered