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Product functionality

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[Workload Monitoring and Management] SOAM - Package - Remove obsolete/inconsistent SI packages from compute node (Epic32879)

Even if customer removed consumer, SI package corresponding to the consumer would be still remained on compute node.Symphony should be able to remove obsolete SI package from all compute nodes.There is an idea to remove obsolete packages.- Set fla...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 3 Not under consideration

[Installation and Upgrade] Install - New Installation type: Management Console and Management Client

Currently, there are the following three installation types only.- Management Node- Compute Node- Client- Symphony DEBut it's better to have new installation type "Management Console" or "Management Client".It contains ego/soam commands, but it do...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 4 Not under consideration

[Cloud] - SOAM - Service - Resouce Quota / Resource Limitation Control on Windows

Sometimes a service instance consumes huge resources on compute host and it obstructs other instance.Symphony should have the resource limitation control to guarantee all allowed instance can run equally on a compute host. - quota for memory consu...
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 5 Delivered

Matrix - Visual Studio 2013 Support

Our development team has moved to Visual Studio 2013. However, during the DE Client install, VS2013 is not recognized when the wizard prompts to install the VS toolkit. VS2010 is the last version noted as being supported.
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 3 Delivered

Struts 2.5.x delivery for symphony 6.1.1

Struts 2.3 is flagged RED by CITI products team and struts 2.3 should not be used any more in CITI.So need higher version struts for Symphony 6.1.1 DE and Symphony 6.1.1 Masters
over 1 year ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 2 Not under consideration

EGO command 'egosh' should support both -json and -o "column1 column2 ..." like other commands

The current egosh command output is formatted in a way that does not make for easy parsing by customers. It would be nice if it follows the LSF convention of providing both a -json output format, and an columnar output format using -o "column1:xx...
over 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 0 Planned for future release

[RFE][BBVA] - Extract data from plc to Kafka

Since we are having problems while PLC is not being able to write all the tasks executed in Symphony to Oracle database, we would like to have a plc connector to send all the information to a Kafka queue (or similar).Our goal is to be able to use ...
over 3 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 2 Not under consideration

IBM Platform Symphony Resource Plan - Daily/Weekday/Weekend

System: Platform SymphonyActor: User needing new featureCurrently resource plans in Platform Symphony are 24 hourly and can be split into different time slots. This implies that all 7 days will have the same resource requirements, however this is ...
over 5 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 3 Delivered

[Support Matrix] - Support Chrome for Symphony GUI

Support Google's Chrome web browser for Symphony GUI
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 3 Delivered

Service Package Version Reset and/or Forsibly Deploy

If Symphony shared directory was restored by some reasons (ex. Disaster Recovery, Hardware Renewal, Hardware broken, etc.), RS couldn't deply newer SI package until the version number was incremented to the version number deployed on compute node....
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Product functionality 1 Not under consideration