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PINNED Enable DVM Studio to be able to quickly capture environment data needed for problem resolution
We are sometimes asked to provide detailed information for a Case we have opened on DVM. Information includes the current build, IN00, trace browse, map definitions and sometimes the underlying data that is causing the issue. If functionality wa...

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Add Ability to drop / exclude a bad document form the Hman annotations

Currently when a user assigned a set of documents, there could be bad (not adequate annotation is available) document. The HA should have an ability / option to exclude it from the annotation set . this way the user is not frorced to accept the b...
about 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Identify fraud checking document sent by customers

Some companies ask customer to send their personal document with photo in order to authenticate them when trying to change their address, e-mail or telephone Is there any possibility to train Watson API to identify when it is a fraud attempt or not?
about 3 years ago in Visual Recognition 0 Not under consideration

Ticket CS0057901 Issue with Spanish Document Upload size 20 MB

Ticket CS0057901 Email attached All other set of option tried is 1) Compressed Size PDF Reduced size by 56% to 8.4 MB 2) Change of Adobe doc properties to 1.4 3) Split of Doc into multiple docs
about 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

Option to use both types of Filter dialogs in single environment

As indicated in APAR PI97474 CA11 uses a simplified version of the filter dialog. A temporary solution can be implemented to restore the legacy filter dialog, until the new enhanced filter dialog is completed.Request that both types of filter dia...
about 3 years ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Planned for future release

API calls for testing and production load should be treated and priced differently

During the construction or the improvement of a virtual assistant, we need to test its behavior thoroughly. It involves using a list of questions to check if the answers are consistent. It can respresent a very large volume of API calls. This usag...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Popup and Inspecting Display Issue in MDM Inspector

When user searches surviving patient by Source:ID and clicks ! to view the Merged Members screen, the Merged Members screen remains over top of the merged away patient record when that record is inspected. This also occurs when clicking on Rules, ...
about 3 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

Ability to Archive or De-activate a Node in Dialog

If I'm missing current functionality, please forgive me, but I find this ability very helpful in other systems I've used. It would be nice if there was an option for each dialog node (where current functions like "move", "duplicate", "delete" ar...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Not under consideration

Navigation boxes in MDM Inspector have no display icon

Three navigation boxes appear to move through the tabs when you have more open than your window can fit. The navigation boxes are empty, and if possible to have icons display on the navigation boxes of what actions these boxes perform. The buttons...
about 3 years ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Provide the ability to encrypt all customer data with Key Protect

I work with FSS customers and they have expressed a very strong need to be able to encrypt any data that might contain confidential information with their own master encryption key. We should be able to use Key Protect to provide this encryption.
about 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

WDS needs to be deployable to IBM Cloud Isolated Environments

WDS Premium is not sufficient for many customers as it only provides container based separation/isolation on shared infrastructure. As we move away from the fully dedicated "Bluemix" capability to the IBM Cloud Isolated offering where customers c...
about 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 2 Delivered