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Watson Discovery Service (WDS)

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About available languages of when defining Entity/Relation in Knowledge Studio.

I would like to request Japanese added to characters that can be used for Entities/Relations in Knowledge Studio.(This request is strongly seek by our clients of a major cosmetics manufacturer that has expanded worldwide through our Project.)the...
5 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Submitted

Watson Colorblind Functionality

Currently 1 in 12 men, and 1 in 200 women have some issue with colorblindness. That is about 300 million people world-wide. If a user had a colorblind issue, Watson Discovery is unusable. I would suggest to the developers that they turn their scre...
6 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Discovery's SDU (powerpoint note column)

Powerpoint slides have a note field below the slide.It contains important texts.I want to get the text of the note field with SDU.When I tested it, I couldn't get the text in the note field.I'd like to get the text in the note field with SDU
6 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Enable SAML based authentication for Watson Discovery Web Crawler

Hi - We would like to have IBM enable SAML based authentication for the Watson Discovery web crawler. Most of the web pages we'd like to crawl here at CVS are protected by SAML authentication... however, Watson Discovery does not support SAML auth...
6 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Have multiple WD instances on one CP4D install

Have multiple WD instances on one CP4D installHi,Currently, We can't deployment multiple WD instance services, this may bring some limit especially sensitive data.Please consider adding support for this. Our scenario needs to support multi depar...
8 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Future consideration

Include multiplier operator on filter

The multiplier operator only works on the query paramter. - would be useful if it could be used on the filter paramter or at least specify in the documentation that i...
9 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 3 Functionality already exists

API to import SDU Model to a collection

Currently i can create configurations, create collection and add the config to the collection, update stop words , the only thing I cannot do is import the SDU model.This functionality is requested by few clients as they manage the initial creatio...
10 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Watson WKS multiple document error display

Would it be possible to have Watson WKS display all documents that werent able to be read rather than having to load the same document set multiple times just to find all the documents that are corrupt/ troublesome? The WKS document loading functi...
10 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

API manager Rest API to Capture API metrics at Space level

Regarding obtaining data at catalog we have rest API to get the metrics.I checked the result of the REST API and realised that it does not contain in which space the product / API belongs to, our ultimate goal is to get the analytics data for the...
11 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Needs more information

Add ability to recognize hand written text and fillable PDFs using SDU

SDU works really well for documents with printed text, but it doesn't recognize text in hand-written/hand-filled documents or forms. It also doesn't recognize text in fillable PDFs. It would be nice to have SDU extract text from fillable PDFs and ...
12 months ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration