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SPSS Statistics

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Spell check for comments in syntax editor

When commenting syntax in SPSS it's very frustrating that it doesn't spell-check (even the web browser I'm using does this!). This should be applied narrowly to comments only. At the moment, if I'm heavily commenting code, I will copy/paste it to ...
over 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

SPSS Sentinel License Manager and extra modules

We have a number of users for SPSS. We use the concurrent license that works with the Sentinel License Manager (SLM). Now it is so that we also use additional modules, such as: bootstrapping, Exact Tests, Advanced Statistics, and we make these mod...
almost 5 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Make *ISO *and* MSI files available for IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler products

Make *both* ISO and MSI files for IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler available for download via Passport Advantage.
over 5 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Need a way to identify row and column indexes of cell in OMS output

If an table in SPSS output empty cells, there is no way to identify, what is column index in OMS output.For example create a table using ONEWAY command. The Post Hoc table contains a lot of empty cells and there is no way to know row and column in...
over 5 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Azure Managed Instance SQL Compatibility with SPSS

We would like to request Azure Managed Instance SQL compatibility to the SPSS product line. We need to enable it for SPSS users to access and analyse data in the centrally available Azure Managed Instance (SQL Server) Version 12. The university-wi...
over 1 year ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Add function to sort Expiration Date on License Key Center

Our Business Partner sells customers instead of us.Because of that they ordered many contracts every day.In the case of Term License, for example, they would like to generate authcodes which associated with entitlement's expiration date (ex. 31s...
over 4 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Setting to not offer public tables when importing data from a database

This issue is also described here: This might only concern Oracle databases, but possibly others as well. In SPSS one can import data from a...
about 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Inpute Missing Data Values supports all function of [General Linear Model].

SPSS Statistics Missing Values option has [Inpute Missing Data Values] function. [Inpute Missing Data Values] supports many analysis such as One Way ANOVA. But it doesn't support [General Linear Model] function. My customer would like to add Mi...
over 1 year ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

enhancing the procedure for estimating alpha Reliability

I just sent an article ms. related to reliability estimation. One of the main (accidental) results is that the procedure used in SPSS (listwise omitting) is misleading and VERY unstable against the missing values. When using the listwise selectio...
about 5 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Save partition variable in Neural Networks procedures

Problem: In some procedures (like Nearest Neighbor analysis) if cases are randomly assigned to the training and holdout samples on the Partitions tab, they can be saved as a new variable with the values of the partition (training or holdout) to wh...
over 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration