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Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS

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Our execution environment is Natural/Adabas. To get information about Adabas behaviour is very important to mantain and improve our system and application.
8 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Future consideration

UNION ALL of n number of Db2 uses a lot of memory and runs long

Enhance server to support parallelism for “UNION ALL” using the MRC capability.
8 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1 Planned for future release

UNION ALL of 2 or more Db2 subsystems uses a lot of memory

Enhance server to check for “UNION ALL” and skip buffering, allowing the data to flow back to client

Support the ability for the JDBC Application name to be passed through TOR to PEER

We currently have a need to use the JDBC Application name to set schema values on virtual tables pointing to Db2 tables. This works fine for a single DVM, but when we have a DVM-to-DVM (TOR-to-PEER) situation, the application name is not being pas...
9 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Planned for future release

DVM Inserts into SQL DateTime2 column

Inserts into Datetime2 datatype column is not supported via DVM. APAR number PH34676 has been opened for this. Opening this AHa icket to track APAR.
9 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1 Needs more information

Allow for the creation of UDTF without the cross memory constraint to Db2

Currently when I attempt to create a UDTF, I must have a Db2 subsystem defined to DVM that is running on the same LPAR and it cannot be a data-sharing Db2 behind a DVIPA. Step one would be to eliminate the need for a Db2 subsystem to be selected i...
9 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Planned for future release

Support retrieval of data from IMS Secondary Index using DVM IMS Direct

We have in-house applications that stores data in an IMS Secondary Index database. The application would like to use DVM to retrieve data from their IMS INDEX DB. Currently in DVM V1.1.0 using IMS-Direct on an IMS Index is not supported. Applicati...
11 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1 Functionality already exists

Server Trace profile values should be tied to a specific subsystem

While in the ISPF Server Trace, I can set profile values in order to limit the number of records being viewed. These profiles should be specific to the subsystem that I am currently connected to instead of a global variable that applies to the ISP...
11 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 2 Planned for future release

Return sql warning when zero/spaces are returned for invalid values in host files.

DVM allows us to turn on parameters like SQLENGIVZERO and SQLENGDFSHRC to handle situations where the underlying record contains invalid values or is shorter than the table structure. In cases where DVM converts values under the covers, a warning ...

Only allow the creator of a given map to delete it

Currently any user that has the ability to create maps also has the ability to delete them regardless of who the original creator was. This coupled with the current view in DVM Studio that displays the entire subsystem instead of just a subset of ...
about 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1