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Planning Analytics

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Revert font colours in the Rules and Process Editor

The process editor has recently had an update to the design where the font colours have now changed. The new font colours are hard to distinguish between. For example, previously element names used to be blue and function colours were pink. Now fu...
about 2 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted

TM1 Data Snapshot functionality - Copy rule to values in a TM1 cube

The Bedrock data copy TI process is the most basic requirement for a in memory solution. The highest priority would be to achieve this outcome. The following additional requirements would be nice to have on top of the basic requirement: 1. The abi...
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Planned for future release

PAW book expansion of consolidations on element change in the selection

When a user tries to create a book from a view and the view have a dimension with one main consolidation(root) and multiple consolidated children, then if the user try to drag and paste it on the top and select a leaf element from this dimension, ...
19 days ago in Planning Analytics 1 Submitted

Websheets: Expand/collapse of grouped columns and rows (Excel grouping)

In websheets it would be useful, if the Excel function of grouping columns or rows would be supported in PA Spreadsheet Services. In this case, grouped columns or rows could be expanded and collapsed on demand.
3 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted

PAW Synchronise Action Button parameters with Sheet Selections

This has already been requested by four different people: Aug-2019 PAOP-I-490 59 Votes Oct 2019 PAOP-I-530 10 Votes Nov 2019 PAOC-I-77 4 Votes May 2020 PAOC-I-77 4 Votes TOTAL 77 Votes From browsing the list of requests, this means that this reque...
almost 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 3 Future consideration

Need way to schedule TM1 Server Restart

Need the ability to schedule a restart of the TM1 server.Right now it is completely a manual process which requires a person to work after hours to perform this action. We need some way that a TI process or Command Center or the PAA to have a time...
over 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 3 Planned for future release

I want to execute an arbitrary process when the workbook is opened or closed in Workspace.

<AsIs> Currently, the only way to start a process is to click a button or execute it as a job. <ToBe> I want to be able to execute an arbitrary process when the Workbook is opened or closed in Workspace.
over 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 2 Not under consideration

Support NamedRange when using TM1Web URL API

Referring to this feature: Currently on TM1Web (aka Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Service), the URL API supports Title_S#-R#-C#=ele...
10 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Submitted

Enable client to automate restart of PA on Cloud

Enable client to automate restart of PA on Cloud
over 3 years ago in Planning Analytics 4 Planned for future release

Facility to publish Report by operation admin / security admin

There is a special user who wishes to publish the PAX reports on Web. Currently Admin/Data Admin can only publish the reports. Could you please enhance this feature so that other than Admin/Data Admin(i.e. SecurityAdmin/OperationAdmin ) can publis...
19 days ago in Planning Analytics 0 Submitted