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OpenPages Ideas

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Additional control on system fields

We need additional control on the "Name" field. The system does not allow the use of Field Level Security rules or field dependencies with the "Name" field.
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration 1 Delivered

Include all fields in Change History in TFUI

Currently, the change history in the standard UI only shows fields that are in the detail view for the profile. This has always been confusing since changes made to fields that are in the view in the TFUI but are not in the detail view do not appe...
about 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Delivered

New UI - add basic formatting to Inline Guidance

We'd like the ability to add some basic formatting to the inline guidance to make it more useful. Specifically things like adding carriage returns, adding URLs, adding bold/italics/underline and different coloured text will help emphasize the text...
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Delivered

Enhanced labelling of functions in the TFUI

The "X" function to close tabs and to close inline guidance are incorrectly labelled. (unlabelled and "Help Button respectively). These should accurately describe the functionality.
over 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Delivered

Incorporate full Business Entity view in the OpenPages 8.0 UI

It helps users see all business entities, instead of having to drill down in the current tree view. This feature was part of the old UI, which Brighthouse still uses. Business users want the full Business Entity view, in order to switch to the new...
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Delivered

Task Focused UI: Saving filters

Please can we save filters again just like in Standard UI. This makes navigating a lot of information a lot easier. I would say this is important as a lot of our users have extremely high workload and simply do not have the time resource.
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Delivered

Provide more granular control of actions - i.e. Add New, Copy, Edit

Ability to provide more granular control of Action dropdowns to limit specific actions in the UI, such as Add New, Copy, Edit, Associate, Disassociate, Delete, Submit. There are specific business rules that require us to disallow "Add New" action ...
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration 0 Delivered

Support for browsers other than Internet Explorer

The product only seems to be certified to run with the Internet Explorer browser. The need to run the product using other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) is a must in today's world.
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Delivered

Support for OpenPages on Encrypted Tablespaces (Oracle Database)

At Westpac, Incidents (Events Module), Control Assurance (Audit Module) and Regulatory Interaction objects contain sensitive data. Hence the data in OpenPages application is classified as Highly Protected.As per the Westpac security guidelines, Hi...
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Delivered

Permanently disable / stop IBPM WebSphere Profile for OpenPages

We will not be using IBPM for Workflows. As per our security guidelines, services which are not used, should be disabled / shutdown permanently. Currently this is not possible and hence raising this enhancement request.
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Delivered