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Spectrum LSF

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Improve the robustness of ClearCase/LSF Wrapper

The current implementation of the ClearCase/LSF wrapper is not robust. It does not check for instance if a ClearCase setview passes or fails. At times when a ClearCase view server process is rather busy yhe setview operation might fail and since w...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Delivered

Additional filter option for job list

Provide an additional text box for the filter that will allow searching for jobs/groups in the list based on their name and the string supplied.
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Delivered

Need bhosts show extra information about the LSF host status even the host is returned back to EGO

When a host is in closed_EGO or unreach state, how can the admin know this host has ever been closed by LSF(badmin hclose) before EGO takes back the host or host rejoin after the host removal out of cluster. It's true the admin can check the lsb ...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered

to enable EGO resource close&claim for LSF jobs

the CLI of egosh resource reclaim does not work for LSF workload
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered

To report Total & reserved & used memory graph through rpt_hardware_raw table

We would like to report graphically reserved, used, total memory by LSF cluster from rpt_hardware_raw table. There is MEM_REQ field in rpt_jobmart_raw table & is related to job but that doesn't give picture by LSF cluster.
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered

RTM: license server name truncated

A license server name longer 45 char which is truncated when I save it in the lic add form. It seems this is due to the server_name filed of the lic_services table limited to 45 char when name field in many others table (like lic_servers) are limi...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Delivered

Enable RTM to honour usergroup permissions so that a user can control all jobs via RTM that they can via LSF

We have configured many of our usergroups to be their own admin, which means that any member of that usergroup can manage any job submitted by any user via that usergroup. However, in RTM Grid->Job Info ->Details page the user can only contr...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 3 Not under consideration

LSF - Jobs dispatched to hosts with issues.

Jobs Fail on execution hosts due to unknown system issues (EX: stale mount points)BUT LSF continues to dispatch jobs to these “bad” hosts. Can the scheduler hclose hosts that have rejected multiple jobs.
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered


About the SLOT_SHARE, Represents the percentage of running jobs (job slots) in use from the queue. I'd like to change this to slots of running jobs (job slots) in use from the queue. ...
almost 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered

TERM_ORPHAN_SYSTEM or "-ti" bsub option not killing all orphaned jobs

The customer is expecting LSF to distinguish job killed when pending (NEVER_RUN) and job killed after started.A job cannot be treated as "exited" if cancelled while pending. exit/exit status/exit code are for a running process.In LL, job has a sta...
about 7 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered