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Query / Set DS Project NLS setting using command line

Need command line option to query & set NLS setting for a datastage project. currently it is handled thru GUI which is very time consuming for large volume of projects and looking for options to validate / automate programmatically.
about 1 year ago in DataStage 1 Future consideration

DataStage Audit

Management needs the ability to track the following:=> logins by user and time=> logout by user and time=> All changes made by selected user within the project=> When time changes were made by the selected userby project(s) and by use...
almost 2 years ago in DataStage 3 Future consideration

IBM Datastage job migrated from V11.5 to V11.7 and use the Azure File System for storage account

We have migrated our jobs from V11.5 to V11.7 environment and uses soft link to Azure file system (storage account) for users input/output files. users are not allowed to drop files on server local system due to Azure server restriction on our en...
almost 2 years ago in DataStage 3 Is a defect

kafka connector should be able to read only committed messages

Our Kafka Producer writes messages on a Kafka topic acting transactionally and it could rollback the transaction when certain events occur. As of now, the behaviour of the Kafka connector is to read also uncommitted messages (see case TS003289786)...
almost 2 years ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

IBM DataStage Flow Designer REST API - Multiple compile jobs feature

We are looking for a REST API call that perform multiple compile jobs feature (the same feature available into Datastage Designer Client).In the doc (
over 2 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Data Stage v11.5 - View Data

Please be advice that I am not always on bank site therefore sometimes it will take me few days to reply your emails. we have migrate our data stage from version 8.5 to 11.5. due to the reason that 11.5 dose not supported any more with OCI stage...
over 2 years ago in DataStage 2 Not under consideration

GitHub Repository URL and Cloned Repository Path Setup at Project Level

GitHub integration is a new feature in DS 11.7. Our DataStage environment hosts multiple projects sharing same server instance. In order for GitHub to work, we need to setup a Github repository URL and Cloned Repository Path, however it is only co...
over 2 years ago in DataStage 0 Future consideration

Need a DataStage super operator role with export permission

We have a requirement due to SOX auditing rules that developers can have read-only access to the DataStage jobs in production. However, we would still like the developers to be able to export the jobs so they can be moved to the non-prod environme...
over 2 years ago in DataStage 3 Not under consideration

Online InfoSphere backup

Currently the backup requires the InfoSphere services to be shutdown, before the application and database backup can be taken. We would like to be able to create a full system online backup, while the InfoSphere services are still running.
over 2 years ago in DataStage 1 Future consideration

Re-Start DataStage job (or sequence) with identical parameter settings

It would be a huge benefit to get an simple option to start a job or sequence with the identical parameter settings of the last run. Having Jobs with many parameters and parameter sets this takes time to do it manually and the parameters have to ...
almost 3 years ago in DataStage 2 Future consideration