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Replication: IMS / VSAM

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Diff function for produce log records after VSAM files are REPROed

Many customers are using IDCAM REPRO to update/replace the whole VSAM file during a nightly batch job. The repro operation does not create records in the logstream. As a result, user has to perform REFRESH to resynchronize the target database. S...

CFC1 writer task should gracefully handle SYSID error when target CICS region has been shutdown

A CFC1 writer task should be able to handle a SYSID error when the target CICS region is being shutdown.
over 4 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM 1 Delivered

Infosphere Data Replication for VSAM CFC1 & CFC3 CICS transactions should end at CICS Shutdown

Shutdown of the CICS 'Apply' CICS region is delayed by the CFC1 and CFC3 transactions. THese transactions should recognise that CICS is shutting down and end cleanly allowing CICS to shut down quicker.
over 4 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM 1 Delivered

Log updates replicated by CFC1 writer tasks to the target file's logreplicate logstream

If an application owner asks if you can verify when or if a specific update was replicated to the target site, there isn't any diagnostic information available to confirm if/when the update was replicated, since the updates applied via a CFC1 writ...
almost 2 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM  / Data Replication for VSAM for z/OS 1 Delivered

Exit with non-zero return code or abend after a subroutine or other abend

IMS CDC terminates with a zero return code after one of its IMS subroutines abends -- 'playing havoc' with customer replication processes and schedules. IBM Cases TS002591910 and TS002591963 detail the troubling, non-mainframe behavior of IMS...
about 2 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM 1 Delivered

VSAM Replication ends in error when a CF Structure is rebuild and has to be manually restarted.

When a CF Structure is rebuilt Replication ends in error with CECC0209E - error code 150011.Replication has to be restarted manually (or by our automation) when this occurs.We recognise that a CF rebuild is a rare event but it would be useful if R...
almost 4 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM 1 Delivered

Restart Latency event within IIDR EIF

Add event to filter and trigger on Restart Latency.
over 1 year ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM  / Data Replication for VSAM for z/OS 0 Delivered

NMI enhancement

add Restart Latency value to the NMI data captured in the target server.
over 1 year ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM  / Data Replication for VSAM for z/OS 0 Delivered

Enhance DELETE control statement to allow "older than xx" option.

The idea is to allow another option on the delete statement. Currently it accepts Start time and End time. I would like to see a 3rd option of "older than xx", where xx could be 10 days or whatever value is specified. This would allow a scheduled ...
over 1 year ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM  / Data Replication for VSAM for z/OS 2 Delivered

Classic CDC DFSPPUE0 should show connection info

Currently the DFSPPUE0 exit will only display connection info on a successful connection--but not if there is an error. It should display the connection info it is using ESPECIALLY if there is an error.It would be especially useful if it would als...
over 4 years ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM 1 Delivered