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Datastage Snowflake connector add Key Pair Authentication

Requesting enhancement to use key pair authentication with the datastage snowflake connector rather than using the typical username/password authentication.
over 3 years ago in DataStage 2 Delivered

Integration with Spectrum Scale object storage

IBM is involved in implementing data integration solution for State Bank of India using DataStage (version 11.7) and Spectrum Scale (version 5.05). DataStage is supposed to read / write object storage data hosted in Spectrum Scale using Swift prot...
7 months ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

WHERE-Condition for DB2 Connector Stage

The DB2 connector stage should have a WHERE clause field to provide filter expressions to limit the number of rows when using "Generate SQL" = "Yes". There is a similar feature in the DRS Connector Stage.
over 4 years ago in DataStage 0 Delivered

DataStage connector for SalesForce should attempt reconnecting several times if connection is temporarily interrupted

This is referring to IBM Infosphere DataStage v11.5! I could not find this exact product in the list.ETL jobs that are connecting to SalesForce to fetch data do not extract all available data reliably. Sometimes the connection is briefly interrupt...
almost 6 years ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

Adding feature for more frequent commits when using DB2 connector

When loading big amount of data into DB2 for Warehousing, we are exceeding DB2 limitation 300GB which means that we need to load the data with more than just one commit. However when using external tables in DataStage, DB2 connector ingores the co...
11 months ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

kafka connector should be able to read only committed messages

Our Kafka Producer writes messages on a Kafka topic acting transactionally and it could rollback the transaction when certain events occur. As of now, the behaviour of the Kafka connector is to read also uncommitted messages (see case TS003289786)...
over 2 years ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

Datastage to Azure DataLake Storage (ADLS) connectivity

We need ability to connect to Azure datalake storage (ADLS) using Datastage product to enhance and augment our Enterprise DataWarehouse
about 4 years ago in DataStage 0 Delivered

HDP YARN preemption support in BigIntegrate

Provide HDP Yarn preemption support in Infoserver Big Integrate. The current behavior would be the RM would eventually kill BI container and the job will ultimately fail if one of our AM's containers was marked preempted. Aetna standard is to have...
about 5 years ago in DataStage 0 Delivered

Enhancement of DB2 Connector stage for table creation

Currently it when using the create table feature in DB2 Connector stage (Table Action = 'Create' and Generate create statement at runtime = 'Yes'), it is not possible to specify other parameters for table creation, such Organize by Row/Column, In ...
about 6 years ago in DataStage 0 Delivered

Bind error when starting DataStage Player process

The tcpip communications are held between Section Leader and Player.Many DataStage jobs are executed concurrently, and many players included in the job are invoked, then a plenty of socket bind errors(EADDRINUSE) have occurred.In current version o...
over 6 years ago in DataStage 1 Delivered