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Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

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NLU PT-BR model

The NLU Service has wrong (and very) misinterpreted feelings for some very trivial phrases, following some recent examples of phrases that it returns "0". • Pelo bom atendimento da Loja e pela qualidade dos carros. • Carros muito confiáveis, sist...
about 1 year ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Submitted

Source IP address filtering feature for "public" Watson services

Our company requires every external applications service to add an additional authentication method other than the apikey authentication. For example:token based 2 factor authentication,client certificate authentication orsource IP address filteri...
almost 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Future consideration

anti-synonyms for entities in Watson

We have synonyms in watson, and fuzzy matching - which works great! But there are cases were Watson selects completely wrong entities. I have no way of fixing this. My example case:- user text contains the string 'Whats' - watson identifi...
almost 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 1 Functionality already exists

Search fields from specific datasets

Regarding Cognos Analytics functionality NLP - Natural Language Process. While searching fields using NLP, we get results from entire Cognos server which takes lot of time to search. Can we limit the search option to the Data source/Data Set that ...
about 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 1 Not under consideration

Revert NLU model to return neutral sentiment scores

Whereas we previously saw that the NLU sentiment scores were distributed throughout the -1 to +1 scale, in the last several months I’ve seen that there are virtually no neutral scores assigned. In the past it was very common for NLU to assign sco...
about 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 1 Not under consideration

Ability to return sub section of identified regex as entity

We can identify any regular expression but can we *return specific part of extraction as entity* .e.g. regex is TN(\s)?(#)?(\s)?[0-9]{6,10} , I wish to identify whole expression and return only last identified number. TN # 12345689 From about ex...
over 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Submitted

Faster response from NLU RBR every time.

RBR models tend to give Downstream error or loads late for the first time after delay like 15 min. Custer feels RBR is unstable and inconsistent which is reducing the use of RBR model. Where as ML model does not show any such issues, Ideally ...
over 2 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Submitted

Deploy SDU as a Service through a NLU enrichment

SDU brings many use case possibilities, however being inside WDS, is limited to use cases where documents are stored. With the ability to deploy the SDU model to NLU, the outputs can be used in a more flexible way.
almost 3 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Future consideration

Improve German sentiment classifier!

The sentiment classifier is not suitable for German documents. Nearly 90% of all the documents in the news-de collection in watson-discovery are classified "neutral". If I use other classifier-services I get tremendously different percentages. (e....
almost 3 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Delivered

Polish language support

Please, add Polish language support for your NLU services.
about 3 years ago in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 0 Future consideration