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Planning Analytics

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Applications or plans should be able to reference a particular page in a PAW book

When adding an asset to an application or plan, there is no ability to select an individual tab in a book. The default behavior is to select the first tab in the book. Often books have multiple tabs in them, and these may be used in different appl...
3 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Under review

Selective suppress zero function based on a specific table attribute

The user should be able to select a specific table attribute to be considered in zero suppression. Today the zero rows are suppressed only if all the values of the row are equal to zero. Tomorrow we'd like to allow the user to select a specific ta...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review

Preview ODBC Source, change back to show 10 records in PAW Version 73

Prior to PAW version 73 when previewing the data source using an ODBC datasource the first 10 records where displayed, with the release of PAW 73 you can only preview the first record. This is a big hindrance to testing your SQL when you don't hav...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Under review

PAWs "Applications and Plans" if selected "Requires submission upon completion of this step" the submit button will benefit of been able to be connected to a process

using PAWs "Applications and Plans" if I select "Requires submission upon completion of this step" the submit button only allows to mark that the submission has been done. The question is, is it possible to combine this "submit" button with a TI P...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Under review

Feature addition in Editor (TI or Rule)

When more loops will be used in the code, it becomes easier in the notepad++, it becomes easier with the the vertical lines to relate the starting point(initialization like IF keyword) with the end point (terminator like related EndIF) in the Note...
6 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review

Ability to show Attribute instead of Element Name on Grid

I have a grid and selector. In the selector the user picks a Group. On the Rows of the Grid it shows the total for the selected Group and the Core and Partner consolidations below that Group. However, this means that on the rows, it has to show at...
9 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review

Attribute lists in PAW should be sorted alphabetically

In PAW when I want to select an attribute to display on a Grid, the list is not sorted alphabetically. This makes it very difficult to find the attribute that I want.
9 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review

Strg+C at the tree pane in PAW

Hello altogether, I think, there is an important function missing in PAW: copying of the names of components at the tree pane: not only to the TI or Rules but also the copying of the components in general. The current possiblity with CTRL+SPACE ke...
10 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review

Hide PAW Qickstart

Most of our Users are familiar with the PAW Structure. For that we want them to use only PAW Applications. To ensure that it would be helpful if PAW remembers that a user has hidden the Quickstart on the PAW Startpage
11 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Under review

File Management in PAW

In some use cases for planning it is necessary that a user wants to uploud or share a file for other. It would be helpful if we can offer something like a file explorer in PAW to upload different types of files so that every user can download them...
11 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Under review