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Planning Analytics

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Waterfall chart or Step Chart

Waterfall charts or step charts are a common requirement for Financial Reporting. In Excel the approach is to use transparent colours in a stacked bar chart to build the height required to just show the differences). In the Explorer view a Waterfa...
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 3 Delivered

Custom Format in Cube Viewer

Enhance the "Custom Format" option in Planning Analytics Cube viewer to allow for rounded thousands. The Excel function for this would be #,##0,;(#,##0,); This previously worked in Perspectives, but no longer does in PAFE. There is an optional...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Delivered

Add Action Button Object to PA Workspace

All of our customers using Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) needs to load data using TurboIntegrator (TI) processes. Today, it's necessary to build a new Websheet, using Perspectives, with an Action Button for each process to be added to the a ...
almost 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Delivered

PAW: TI Action Button is unavailable

Even Workspace (PAW) 2.0.37 does not have TI Action Button available for books. Without the action button you cannot think of creating a book which is as useful as compared to a websheet. We want Action Button control native to PAW. So, please mak...
almost 3 years ago in Planning Analytics 1 Delivered

Display numbers in Thousands or Millions

PAW needs to functionality to scale numbers to display in millions or thousands for displaying numbers in the Exploration mode and displaying numbers on graphs. There are two work arounds to achieve this type of scaling which are not ideal for dif...
about 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Delivered

Need User Groups for Folder permsions settings

We have over 200 users and every time a new folder is created permissions has to be set for every user for each folder that cannot inherit rights from it's parent.We need some sort of integration of Users and Groups in the folder settings in PAw.
over 4 years ago in Planning Analytics 0 Delivered

References of Cells added to sheets to be maintainable

When adding a Cell to a sheet to make a tile or card like in Power BI, there is very little flexibility with regards to maintanence.Unless you turn on the filters, it is impossible to ascertain the cell reference being pointed to. The filters incl...
about 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 1 Delivered

Modeler access to create 'Applications and Plans' in the New Experience on PAw

This idea will allow users with Modeler access the ability to create 'Applications and Plans' in the New Experience in PAw.
about 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 2 Delivered

PAW 2.0.57 Interface - Allow search of database object or show all

In PAW as of 2.0.57, in the database object section, if there is a large number of procedures, you need to keep hitting "Load More...". If your process is in the later part of the alphabet, this can take quite a few clicks. To find "sys_Copy ...
about 1 year ago in Planning Analytics 2 Delivered

PAW : Refresh Sheet / Book after process execution through PAW button

After executing a TI process through a PAW button (introduced in v2.0.39), the sheet (and book) is not refreshed. When executing a process that updates a cube cell shown in the same sheet, it implies the user has to refresh manually the sheet thr...
over 2 years ago in Planning Analytics 2 Delivered