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QMF for z/OS

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Support for MongoDB via JDBC

MongoDB is a very prelevant database in the business world and its marketshare is growing. Many customers will benefit from this enhancement
over 1 year ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

Scheduled tasks to have optional timezone drop down.

Scheduled tasks to have optional timezone drop down. Currently timezone is where ever QMF EE is deployed on. For example: QMF EE web app is deployed on servers that is on EST. it will run task on EST regardless of timezone you think you are runnin...
over 1 year ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

Display Indexes and their columns, within QMF for Workstation, for each table. RFE 122333

We have application developers who use QMF for Workstation to write and run their SQL. From time to time, we are asked what indexes exist for specific tables, and their columns. If would be nice if QMF provided this information.
about 4 years ago in QMF for z/OS 2 Delivered

QMF for Websphere - allow creator of web links to delete their own web links

Users can create Weblinks but cannot manage them. That is, they cannot list the weblinks they have created and modify or delete them. We request Weblinks be treated like the rest of the QMF objects and be available for users to manage them.
over 3 years ago in QMF for z/OS 3 Delivered

QMF EE Websphere weblinks to work without logging on RFE 120243

We recently enable security feature of QMF EE Websphere. Now all the weblinks requires us to log on to see the dashboards/dynamart.
over 4 years ago in QMF for z/OS 0 Delivered

QMF Analytical query to support EXCEPT and INTERSECT RFE 128190

The Analytical Query currently supports JOINS and APPENDS which are analogous to JOINS and UNION ALL in SQL.This request is to make the Analytical Query support functions analogous to the rest of this family of SQL statements, namely EXCEPT, INTER...
over 3 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

Support sorting results by more than 3 columns RFE 36055

QMF for Windows allows results to be sorted by up to 3 columns. We need QMF for Windows to support more than 3 sort columns. First choice would be to support sorting on an unlimited number of columns, similar to the ability to do this in Excel.
about 9 years ago in QMF for z/OS 2 Delivered

QMF Websphere - provide Content Assist functionality in other browsers (

Content Assist functionality works only on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Many users use Google Chrome and / or Mozilla Firefox.
over 1 year ago in QMF for z/OS 0 Delivered

QMF for Workstation or QMF for Websphere to have inline edit rows/column values and delete row values RFE 120690

In DataQuant a user can run a query against a table and then delete/change a row/column inline. In QMF a user needs to use the Table Editor tool to edit any values and the table editor does not allow for any predicts or data reordering functionali...
about 4 years ago in QMF for z/OS 2 Delivered

Simplify the Scheduled Task to a right click menu (

In order to create a Scheduled Task, it requires 11 to 25 or more actions, clicking buttons and entering credentials etc.
about 3 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered