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SPSS Statistics

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Provide a standard Apple installer package

The silent installer that ships for SPSS Statistics for Mac OS is widely known to be poorly working and problematic. Further more, it requires a system Java runtime to be present even though the application itself does not need a system Java to be...
about 6 years ago in SPSS Statistics 1 Delivered

Save the Random Effects of Mixed/Multilevel Models

Mixed/multilevel models are used to analyze hierarchical data (e.g., repeated-measures data, “nested” data such as when data is collected from individuals working in teams). Mixed models are able to disentangle variance that occurs among the l...
over 6 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Adding effect sizes to all main statisctical procedures

Adding calculation of effect sizes to all main (non) parametric statistical procedures such as T-testing WITH choice of type of effect size such as Cohen's d.
almost 6 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Support SQL Server 2017

Please provide support for connecting to SQL Server 2017 databases.
over 4 years ago in SPSS Statistics 2 Delivered

Make *ISO *and* MSI files available for IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler products

Make *both* ISO and MSI files for IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler available for download via Passport Advantage.
about 6 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Reinstate fixed width font functionality in SPSS syntax files

SPSS v25 does not allow you to change the font that syntax is displayed in to a fixed width font such as Courier. This makes it extremely different to edit syntax files because it's hard to see the difference between "' and '". We use single and d...
about 4 years ago in SPSS Statistics 1 Delivered

ODBC Driver support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

No description provided
about 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Places after decimal in histogram standard deviation

In the descriptive statistics automatically generated when creating a histogram, allow the user to specify the number of places after the decimal for the standard deviation. Currently, 3 places after the decimal appear and the user cannot adjust t...
almost 7 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

SPSS - Exadat Support for the SPSS Products v20-23

Need an ODBC connection for Exadata. SPSS Support is stating that the connection to Exadata is not certified/supported by IBM. This will place a hard stop on the business partners if they are not able to utilize the SPSS product with the data that...
about 7 years ago in SPSS Statistics 1 Delivered

Export to excel cell formats

When exporting SPSS Pivot Tables to Excel via OUTPUT EXPORT (or possibly other means also) if the cell value is less than 1 then in excel the leading zero to the right of the decimal is not displayed. So in Excel it is displayed ".12" rather than ...
over 7 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered