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Indisponibilidade Datastage 9.1.2 momentânea e inesperada

Indisponibilidade na camada engine(Datastage engine, sem motivos aparentes, efetuamos o start do produto sem problemas.Não encontramos log que evidenciasse o porque do stop do componente engine.Onde nós localizamos a log que referência...
over 4 years ago in DataStage 1 Not under consideration

Datastage version 11.3 clients tier compatibility with windows 2016

Hi team , In our environment we currently have Datastage version 8.7 and Datastage version 11.3 installed . The clients for both of these version are installed on a windows server with version 2008. Now these 2008 windows version servers have reac...
over 4 years ago in DataStage 0 Not under consideration

CARMA Association

Our team is working on product Association. We wish to see all the possible association between product. We are using CARMA node with as minimal support 0 and minimal confidence 1%.The minimal value of the parameter are hard coded so we can't take...
over 7 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration

Windows authentication when the driver is on Linux

Modeler Server installed on Linux Connect Modeler Client to the Modeler Server Use a Database Source node to connect to SQL Server This means the ODBC data source is setup on the Modeler Server SQL Server is installed on Windows When you run the s...
over 7 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration

I would like to use @SUM function in Aggregate Expressions

Total, average, etc. can aggregate several items at once in the summary field.However. Other aggregations must be added one by one at the Derive node.This is very inefficient.Also, if you use the sum field, you can not decide the field name of the...
almost 5 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Not under consideration

Align pricing with metric tiers on the Catalog page.

Currently, on the Discovery Catalog page the metrics are separated from the price. For example, when I expand Up to 1M docs $500/ instance/month is displayed. I have to scroll down to see $1,500/instance/month. They only way I know up to 1M is $1,...
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Not under consideration

SPSS Categories PROXSCAL function

In the multidimensional scaling PROXSCAL function in SPSS Categories, the ratio proximity transformation is available when proximities are dissimilarities. However, when proximities are similarities, the possibility for a ratio proximity transform...
almost 6 years ago in SPSS Statistics 1 Not under consideration

Gender recognition/identification/classification of speech

Enhance feature to understand the gender & also age of person speaking for further analysis.
almost 4 years ago in Speech Services 0 Not under consideration

Ability to Archive or De-activate a Node in Dialog

If I'm missing current functionality, please forgive me, but I find this ability very helpful in other systems I've used. It would be nice if there was an option for each dialog node (where current functions like "move", "duplicate", "delete" are ...
almost 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Not under consideration

AI queries: SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE classify( col1) = 'cat'

Idea Collaborate with the Db2 team (and Cloudant?) to support Watson AI (WML, Visual Recognition, NLC) natively in the database. User experience (Just one possible way it could work...) There is already a thing called user-defined functions...
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Db2 Warehouse on Cloud 0 Not under consideration